What`s Next.. :Travel & Vanlife

“We have nothing to lose and a world to see”


From snow to sun, from the slopes to the beaches, always with my boardbag (90kg of luggage) behind. Off to another adventure, training or competition… I never had a “normal Job”, school year, birthday, party from friends, I always missed out on the family “things”, celebrated christmas and new year alone or on the airplane….. lived out of my boardbag and didn`t had one place called home. For me it was and still is perfect! We life in a world full off adventure and beauty, dont forget to explorer it. End up in awesome places, meet great people and learn, grow.

Travel educated me a lot of things, It made me appriciate the little things and the time at home with family. It also let me realise there is so much more out there and we need so less! … I ended up in awesome places, met great people all with their own story, new friends along the way (that will stay), learned & grow into the girl I am now. Thank you world!

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.


No I am not a vagrant that has no money or other place to go. Neither I am homeless or forced to live in a van… Actually the opposite:  I have a lovely family and boyfriend in The Netherlands – which will never kick me out on the streets – even not when I turn into a rat.  

From snowmobile midget home to kite van. From the snow to concrete, to lakes and sandy beaches. The long highway to everywhere.  I am driving my van down to snowkite & kite events, training places and competitions, just because I love it. Rocking the kite vanlife & lifestyle together with friends along the beach and right on the spot!  Waking up at sunrise, not because I have to, because I like it.

We all know that one girl that always travels… Let’s just go somewhere!

#Marisoffthebeatenpath this life is not always about yoga, sunrises, and surfboards its about trying to park quietly on side streets, showering secretly outside, sleeping in front of the office – ready for the night shift, pee on the side of the highway and … its also about pooping in bags so so much pooping in bags…… learn the hole digging hobby…

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