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10 reasons why: Vanlife makes you happy

10 reasons why.. vanlife makes you happy. Everything about being home is easy, a loving dog, an awesome family, great parents. Safe surroundings. Work to choose from, kitespots all around, knowing the best conditions for each spot. University around the corner. A walk in the park. The fridge with cold drinks, the plugs in the…

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My first wingfoil race ever : The Wingfoil Racing World Cup & Europeans 2022 #Kookoftheday

Back to beginner…. My first wingfoil race ever! A bit of a change; Instead of jumping, spinning around in the sky, flying or racing around with huge kites and a race foil, I will be racing around with the “tiny” wing. A few months ago I finally had a board with straps and made my…

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“Scary Movie” Podium 2022 – Cortina

The story of the Scary Movie Podium 2022 – Cortina What a season! Yep, the snowkiting season for me is over now.  With leaving Norway two weeks ago, the snowkiting season 21´-22´ came to an end.  From new years` eve to France to Lapland to nightshifts to Italy to Norway.  Lot’s of km’s driven, driving…

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Snowkite World Cup 2022- Roccaraso, Italy

Snowkite World Cup 2022- Roccaraso, Italy The final stop of the SnowKite World Tour is going down in the mountains of Italy – Roccaraso. Approximately 1900 km from The Netherlands. It could have been nice if I had decided earlier to go there… because  I was literally half way there the week before at the International Snowkite…

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2022 Lepanto Open European Championship, Nafpaktos – Greece

Nothing to lose and all to gain! Guess what …?!? I drove down to Greece (!);  all the way through Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo…. After a year without kitefoiling, just briefly picked it up again a few weeks before the Europeans. A dusty foil and some far away left behind skills…Not remembering the last competition I…

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Are we there – yet..?!  Took the long way ‘round – Driving to Greece.

…….And just like that I was on the road. Asking myself: Are we there – yet..?!  Took the long way ‘round. Guess what …?!? I drove down to Greece (!); all the way through Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo….Greece, Nafpaktos, Drepano, Paros & Naxos….Venice, Lago di Resia, Lago di Garda and this is how it went: Long story ahead…