Wingfoil, Ronde Om Texel
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Round of Texel 2023: Beaten by technology or proud?

Let me tell you about the round of Texel 2023 last June.  The round of Texel is a Dutch competition, for the last 45 years and growing. Originally it is a catamaran competition, one of the biggest in the world and if you participate you will know why. I have never seen so many catamarans …

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10 reasons why: Vanlife makes you happy

10 reasons why.. vanlife makes you happy. Everything about being home is easy, a loving dog, an awesome family, great parents. Safe surroundings. Work to choose from, kitespots all around, knowing the best conditions for each spot. University around the corner. A walk in the park. The fridge with cold drinks, the plugs in the…

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My first wingfoil race ever : The Wingfoil Racing World Cup & Europeans 2022 #Kookoftheday

Back to beginner…. My first wingfoil race ever! A bit of a change; Instead of jumping, spinning around in the sky, flying or racing around with huge kites and a race foil, I will be racing around with the “tiny” wing. A few months ago I finally had a board with straps and made my…

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“Scary Movie” Podium 2022 – Cortina

The story of the Scary Movie Podium 2022 – Cortina What a season! Yep, the snowkiting season for me is over now.  With leaving Norway two weeks ago, the snowkiting season 21´-22´ came to an end.  From new years` eve to France to Lapland to nightshifts to Italy to Norway.  Lot’s of km’s driven, driving…

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Snowkite World Cup 2022- Roccaraso, Italy

Snowkite World Cup 2022- Roccaraso, Italy The final stop of the SnowKite World Tour is going down in the mountains of Italy – Roccaraso. Approximately 1900 km from The Netherlands. It could have been nice if I had decided earlier to go there… because  I was literally half way there the week before at the International Snowkite…

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2022 Lepanto Open European Championship, Nafpaktos – Greece

Nothing to lose and all to gain! Guess what …?!? I drove down to Greece (!);  all the way through Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo…. After a year without kitefoiling, just briefly picked it up again a few weeks before the Europeans. A dusty foil and some far away left behind skills…Not remembering the last competition I…

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Are we there – yet..?!  Took the long way ‘round – Driving to Greece.

…….And just like that I was on the road. Asking myself: Are we there – yet..?!  Took the long way ‘round. Guess what …?!? I drove down to Greece (!); all the way through Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo….Greece, Nafpaktos, Drepano, Paros & Naxos….Venice, Lago di Resia, Lago di Garda and this is how it went: Long story ahead…

Listen. Listen. Listen. Trust.  Travelling alone (as a girl) with a van
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Listen. Listen. Listen. Trust. Travelling alone (as a girl) with a van

One night in particular I was in an abandoned campground all by myself  (strange, because it was middle of the summer). An older gentleman came around selling wood.  He said “I see you got all the campground to yourself tonight.”  I thought yeah right, a lot of people will might come in later.  It was…