Surfing with Maris

Because we all know how difficult it is to do something alone – in life & Sports.

The only distance between your dreams and reality is called action.  The past years I have and I am still learning how important it is to have that little helping hand, that secret extra eyes at time, or that push to not be afraid – learn to face the fairs, tells you to go one more time (after you tried already a thousand times). Or the big arm that holds you back when it needs to. The voice that tells you; don’t care what others think. Someone you can trust when he/she tells you it will be just fine. That someone who tells you to never give up..

Sometimes things look impossible, until they are done. We all have our own story, our own dreams (they don’t have to be big..they have to be yours), little goals, big visions; some far away, others close by..maybe scared to fail, fall, lose – don’t know where to start?.

She believed, She Could, So She did

And so can you!

# 1 Hydrofoil

Fly over the water like Aladin on his carpet! And for the daredevils: Kitefoil racing is the new Olympic Discipline in 2024 – Paris.

Learn everything about racefoiling, competitions, that foil kite. Or learn to tack, gybe, make the first jump with a tube kite. Or take a littl ride on the babyfoil to get to know the first meters.

# 2 Freestyle/Freeride

Your indepenent? but still a little bit unsure about your equipment, the location or being on the beach alone?

Need some refreshment about the wind window? Or the first times in the waves?

Kite together? Hit me up for a session! 🙂

Or you want to learn the first jump? or mabe unhooked trick? and need that extra push?

# 3 Snow & Ice

Nothing more to say! Need some advise? Or want to meet up for a ride in the snow someday… Lets see if you can find me!

You know all those things you`ve always wanted to do?…… You should go and do them!

# 4 Pros / Girls only / Dogs / Demos / Clinics

Your never too old or too young to learn. Everyone can!

# 5 Wingfoil

Kitefoil racing is still new, but this is next level! A great way to discover new not kiting places. Just another adventure after you thought you can do it all……

# 6 Life stories

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