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Actually I was supposed to be studying my post master’s degree in accountancy  & control, work or something “normal people” do.. Somehow I ended up learning to kite, followed by competing on the Kitefoil world series, in the snowkite world tour  & in different freestyle, freeride competitions around the world. Ending up on stage being world champ and asion champ. But you told me.. I am just a Kite instructor – not going to reach anything anymore..? She is too reckless, not commited, doing too many things, came from too far and… she never answers her phone… cause you know my name? you have heard what I have done, but not where I have been through… No matter the challenge, you can move forward!

“I enjoy people telling me I can`t do something”

2017 I figured out that competing in freestyle & big air kiting is fun and I could make a lot of progression into that, train around the world, make it to podiums, new friends – a complete new world opened up for me. I started to believe in myself again and fight for what I am worth. Dutch champion big air, winning the phillipine freestyle tour, being first in the Dutch foiing scene. Back in 2019 I just decided to try a competition on the hydrofoil in the Kitefoil race discipline – the Olympic side path of kitesurfing in Paris 2024. While not 100% tacking & gybing -yet, I wanted to see if I liked it and how I could hang on to some of the best of the world. I tried It, I almost gave it up, it was super tough (- in all directions), I pushed myself out of my comfort zone once again. Hanging on to the top 10 of the world with a 4th,11th and 12th place. It became more hard, the teams, coaches, the equipment developing all around the world with the sport becoming Olympic. And on the other side, me- still alone, keeping my head up. Weird choices from local federations, letting you swim and no support, just nice promises. Also no questions just decisions you read about in the newspaper, leaving you behind. Let`s say you get to know people around you for real. Well and after some struggles and difficulties, I had to go off on my own, manage the process and my own road: I just got hooked, 2021 and yet here we are, just starting over again! Every Day a bit better than yesterday!

Well, the downside of course is that you have to fund yourself. It’s hard to find or make a job that gives you the flexibility to keep on travelling for the competitions and training. But I didn’t want money to keep me from my biggest passion in life, competing. It`s often difficult for athletes to find the fund and support for travelling full time alongside the whole tour. Finding the balance between work, life and kiteboarding. Being your own manager, trainer, travel agent, study planner, coach – is hard work. And the complete package is not something you just do after all (read more). Although sometimes I have to make the hard decission to train back home alone in the cold and skip competitions, to be able to do the important onces and have the fastest gear. Not that I don`t want to compete, it is just not possible.

Yet I am really lucky to have F- One & Manera on my side, some small other partners, my parents and friends all around the world. To find the right sponsors it always takes a lot of effort and time (especially now during this time) I put a massive effort into being here where I am, but it’s never enough. That’s why I invite you on my road, my mission Olympic. And to take a look at my shop – which I use to finance my passion and my road to 2024 campaining for the Olympics and World champ in my class in hydrofoiling and on the snowkite world tour.

Sport makes life a bit nicer. Sport connects people, Sports teaches people to cross boundaries, Sports gives everyone the chance to grow through challenges and allow people make differences. I want to inspire, you to see the possibilities in life, in sports and chase your dreams. To uncover your true potential you must find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.

You all make that possible! To get to that ultimate goal of being a top athlete in the kitefoilracing world – campaigning for the Olympics 2024 conquering that mountain of the world championships.. Something I definitely can`t reach alone – I am super grateful for every small bit of help. Meanwhile I want to inspire everyone around the world that you can do anything, and shouldnt give up on the dreams you have. There is always light on the end of the tunnel, I promise!

Thank You!

Mariska Wildenberg

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