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“An individual can make a difference, A right team can create a miracle”

Financial barriers pose the main challenge for Sports athletes. They receive no funding, other than that from the charity, which means they rely heavily on their parents, boyfriends or … working long days. Training alone in the cold, hard decissions of which competition to do, using older gear, making own lines…

Your donations can make a real difference! Even a small donation can make a huge difference by funding the purchase of new equipment, or entering a competition. All with that one goal to get a fair chance to campain for the olympics 2024, as an independent athlete. Be the world champion in my class and in the Snow – to show what I am worth.

One – off donation

Will help me to be able to keep training and competing at my best – inspiring other athletes through incredible achievements. It will help me to participate more competitions in 2022.

Regular donation

Regular donations can transform my live in this up coming sport. It will help to us my potential to the fullest.

Without your help, I could end up taking the tough decision to drop out of the top-sport. For any regular donation you will recieve a memory or we get in touch to realise some other awesome “things”.

Other ideas? Get in touch! and meet my team.


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