Although life isn`t always about getting the best results, I made this page anyway. To look back and see how far I have come in the past 5 years. Being the best is not so important, doing the best is all the matters. The adventures managed, the people met , the new things learned, the special places I found and the road followed. The things I learned again, the people I meet again, the skills I still have and develop. My road from 0 to the best version out of myself: that’s what this page remembers me every time I wanted to give up on something. The fact that I love to challenge myself always and in everything. That you never should give up on something that you can`t go a day without thinking about.  …. I tried it… it`s not gonna work, so keep shredding and always stay wild!

It’s about the effort, managing the process, the hard work you do to reach your own goal.”

Reaching a goal is not where you’re capable off, it’s about what you are willing to endure. Nothing comes easy, but… everything is possible, if you really put you mind to it, believe in yourself, you will get there, somehow! After al WINNING means: that you`re willing to go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else. So today I do what others won’t so tomorrow I accomplish what others can`t. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

“Never give up, for that is just the place an time that the tide will turn”

The year of 2016

Kite Tour Asia – Thailand: Freestyle 5th | race 4th | Woo 1st | Sup 2nd

FoilCup Holland : 2nd  place |  Best talent 2016

Red Bull Ragnarok:  6th  Snowboard Woman

The year of 2017

Philippine Kiteboard Association (PKA-tour) season 4

  • Stop 2:  Freestyle 3rd| Race 4th | Hangtime 5th
  • Stop 3:  Freestyle 3rd| Race 2nd | Hangtime 2nd  
  • Stop 4: Freestyle 2nd |Race 6th | Hangtime 1st
  • OVERALL PKA tour season 4:   2nd  Freestyle | 1st Hangtime

FoilCupHolland: 2nd place

Dutch Championship Big Air: 1st place

Red Bull Ragnarok:  9th  Ski Woman

The year of 2018

Philippine Kiteboard Association (PKA-tour) season 5

  • Stop 1 : 1st Freestyle | 1st Race | 4th Hangtime – Lakawon Island
  • Stop 2 : 1st Freestyle | 1st Race | 2nd Hangtime – Cebu Island
  • Stop 3 : 1st Freestyle | 1st Race | — Hangtime – Boracay Island
  • Stop 4 : 1st Freestyle | 3rd Race | 3rd  Hangtime – Cagbalete Island
  • OVERALL PKA tour Season 5 : 1st Freestyle | 1st Race | 1st Hangtime

Kitefoil Goldcup 2018

  • Stop 3: 4th place woman

FoilCup Holland Overall,   2018: 1st freeride category |  1st woman 

The year of 2019

Amarok Snowkite Worldcup Resia – 2019

  • European Champion Long Distance – Ski
  • World Champion LOng Distance Stop Resia – Ski
  • 3rd Course Race Ski

Formula Kite World Championship 2019 – Lake Garda: 19th

Formula Kite European Championship Torregrande 2019: 18th & 15th European

Kitefoil World series – stop 4: Cagliari 2019 : 14th

ANOC World Beach Games, Doha/Qatar 2019: 14th

FoilCup Holland Overall, 2019: 3rd Senior – goldfleet|  1st woman 

21st woman – Formula Kite Overall World Ranking – 2019

The year of 2020

Formulakite Spain Series 2020

  • Alarcón: 3rd woman & 15 th Overall
  • Castellón: 4th Woman & 20 th Overall

Individual Formula Kite European Championship Puck – Poland 2020 : 21st

The year of 2022

International Snowkite Open 2022 – Lago Di Resia

  • Course Race 1st
  • Long Distance 1st

Snowkite World Cup 2022 – Rocarasso

  • Course Race 1st
  • GPSFormula 1st
  • Long Distance 3rd

Overall Snowkite World Cup 2022

Snowkite Course Race World Champion – 2022

Snowkite Long Distance 3rd – 2022

Snowkite World Cup Freestyle & Big Air – 2022

“Scary Movie”- podium 1st

Kitefoiling European Championship 2022, Nafpaktos: 28th

Wingfoil World Cup & European Championship 2022: 8th

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