Well, the biggest members of my team, that deserve the most credits, I have to say: my parents 

Mum and Dad looked at me, they saw something worth believing in, long before I believed in myself

Taking care of me everywhere, not complaining  about the sand in the house or car, standing on the beach even in 0 degrees,  launching kites, pulling up the pants to get me out of the water, untangling  lines, chasing wind, helping me finding new kite adventures, bringing me after school to the beach, soccer, or anywhere we had to go for a kite session, pumping my kite, holding me on the beach or catching me, wiping the tears out of my eyes and telling me just to try one more time! Motivating me always: coming  home with a dry kite? Not an option. (than I didn`t try anything new). Making it possible for me to go to my first international competition! And if I even thought about  giving up, because it never worked out and I will never learn it…. they  always made me smile and going back to the beach to practice and try one more  time. Hours and hours we spend on the beach…. … for me and the kitesurfing!

Thank you 

Besides my parents, the dog is also one of the team members, catching my board out of the water and a big  support on the beach! 

Bringing Brasil Home: Another great team member of my kiteboarding and sporting career / life is Acai – Benelux.

With Acai – Benelux I finally found a pretty awesome breakfast option in the Netherlands but also all around the world offcourse  I am bringing it everywhere! Find out more about Acai in The Netherands & Europe. For any questions, recepies of other Acai adventures, follow my blog.

Always protected & Reef safe! I recently teamed up with an amazing brand of sunscreen. Not ony the product is great but also the vision and the filosofy behind it. Check them out at their own web page – here! 

Like to join the team?

Join my team or work together on something? you`re welcome!!

As a passionate kitesurfer I am travelling around in the winter time to compete or train in tropical destinations on and off the water. When staying in Europe I live the ultimate vanlife! Also I can be doing the opposite, travelling to some colder destinations,  snowkiting/skiing action in the snow and on top of the mountains! In European summer-time I will be somewhere in Holland chasing the Dutch winds and participating events and competitions. Don’t hesitate to contact me and become my new best friend!