Meet Maris ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As a child Mariska always dreamed of …a new trick. And the next day, she had to chase it – no matter what. That’s how she expressed herself.  Born in the Netherlands, a little girl. Shy for the outside world, strong willed and independent from the inside. Enjoying everything she did and does with a big smile.  Always outside, the ocean, the beach, the mountains, the concrete jungle, the streets, the soccer field  are the playground.  Sometimes a never ending adventure, for everyone around.   Her parents never hold her back and just challenged her for new things. Told her she could do it, with a  brother as best friend! That all made her the person she is now. Progression and self – development is fun and falling is part of that game.

“From under the table; too scared to open her mouth at the dentist, too shy just to tell her name, but not too scared to practice a flip on the kicker, jump of the mountain with skies and play soccer with the older guys at an international tournament”

Always driven to reach new goals, another “mountain” to conquer.  From a young age she already learned to challenge herself in everything she does; sport, studies, life, work. Always taking the different road, learning the hard way, scars, bruises, broken bones – no fear and no limits.   Practicing trick after trick, making exam after exam. Always trying just one more time.

“the teachers at school thought she was abused at home, because of the bruises and scars on her legs,… but Mariska did that al to herself, they won`t believe her.”

Broken down, Shattered up, Blacked out, Lost somewhere, Left behind, but still alive and sending it! Without struggling no progression. A lot learned and a lot to learn (again). Well it’s what you learn, after you know it all, thats counts!

Now I am just a girl chasing her dreams and having one amazing adventure called life 2.0. Happy, motivated to jump out of bed (or the van regarding some cases) in the morning!

This is real life! Get to know me through my stories:

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