Maris Speaks

And yet, sometimes, we get reduced to our raw vulnerable self. There is light on the end of the tunnel. Never lose that hope! Never give up, for that is just the place and time the tide will turn. There were moments I hardly doubted I would ever be able to be myself again, to get back to some form of full capacity. Other moments I had great results, but was still suffering silently.  Please be vulnerable enough to ask for help to get answers you need. I hope I can inspire you this way to never, never, give up on the dreams you once had.

Love to share my experiences, tell you about my passion, my road. I give lectures, speeches and question session along the road – for businesses, schools, universities. Linking my mission, the top sport with the companies mission!

…or at the couch at home for a bedtime story.

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She Believed, She Could, So She Did.…. And so can You!

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