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Some of the Dutch kitefoilers – follow their journey into the world of Formula Kite / Kite Foil racing on the instagram page of kitefoilteamnl! Where it alll started before…. untill all get a little strange : The moment the individual Kitefoiling became Olympic and not the team event. Starting to make decissions behind everyne`s back and well, you can read it back on the internet.. leaving people out – who are actually always there. Well, might be not the perfect instagram and fitgirl pictures, but came this far already alone…… and just like that left behind with no explanaition (yes untill the momet we asked.) I think thats not how a team works. So in that case we hand out shirts of the teamin front of everyones face… telling we all are the team (no levels… welll… no difference? …) … I believe soemthing else is going on and no one had the power to tell us or to explain that to a whole TEAM. So here you go for the team support I leave this page here:

Feel free to check it out. The time we still had fun together and it was about the team and not individuals. The moment I had still fun foiling for the Dutch, and I was still proud sticking that NED sticker n my board at a foiling competition.

NOTE: First of all thak you for asking directly to me! and where wondering …. To clearify for all of you in one sentence: for some reason I was never and I am not a part of Kitefoil team NL – whatever you read anywhere else…. I support myself completly. arrange my own travels, trainings, financials, etc…. Thats why I have my own support program 🙂 Thats why I work with you in the nightshift, thats why I train with you in one place, thats why I sleep next to you in my van, thats why I kite in the ice, thats why I ask you for help and answer ome of my questions 🙂 Thank you for that , all help is much appreciated!

Trainingsweek in Santa Pola

Kitefoil Europeans 2019

Kitefoil World Series 2019

Anoc World Beach Games 2019

Read more about the ANOC World Beach Games here!

and… we have fun toooooo!!

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