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The 2023 Sailing World Championship in The Netherlands, Scheveningen

The Sailing World Championship in The Netherlands are around the corner: 10 – 22 august 2023.

In a few days the Sailing World Championships will start in Scheveningen, the Netherlands: 10 – 22 august 2023.. Its special that such a huge sailing event will take place in the Netherlands, my home country.  What makes it even more special is that all 10 Olympic disciplines will compete at this event. In total 13 disciplines, including the 3 Paralympic disciplines. Around 1200 athletes and 80 countries. The event is not only about the world title`s, it is also a first of the few upcoming qualifiers for the Olympics in 2024 in France. That and other qualifications of the national (Dutch) federation will eventually decide if the country qualified for the Olympics or not. Than the best athlete will represent the country. there are a few more possibilities to qualify the country in the upcoming half a year.

This event, I will be fighting or every place I can climb on the ranking… Enjoying every moment!  My last official foiling race was last year in Greece, the Europeans of October 2022 – and that was a crazy one.

The level (& equipment) that increased like crazy over the past few years, it is already an achievement to be here, to compete at the World Championships – to be a tiny part of this big event and the growth of the sport. Representing the first generation of Dutch kitefoiling girls in the world. Especially because, most of the work (and taking care of the right equipment) I did on my own.  I`ll never regret, being a part of this amazing sport, seeing the sport evolve and myself grow into the kitefoilracing and the foiling scene. The sport for old man (I always tought), became a sport for young woman too.

Following my own road from the very first start on my very first Worlds with borrowed equipment – nobody cared, untill the Worlds now, with teams involved, fedarations etc. Supporting myself (with a little help from my friends) the whole journey; Stitching my own lines, fixing my own bars,  working nightshifts to buy the right kites/ foil,  convert a van and travel in my van to training places, competitions, making the choice to compete at only the important events to make it work – a road without regrets, full of adventures and learning moments! Not always the right moment and the right places,  sometimes life just had other plans. Kitefoiling brought me all over the world and now finally back to the Netherlands, Scheveningen.. the place of my very first national competition. At that time not knowing where it would bring me 🙂

A road which lead me now to one of the biggest events of the year and the highest level I can compete in (worlds & Olympic qualifier), who can say that!? : )   Although my last formula kite / kitefoil competition was in October 2022, I didn`t train that much as all the others *,  I will give it my all and enjoy every single minute out there – because I already won!!

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”

Thank you all for the never ending support, the unlimited believe in me and the kind words! You al helped me in making it possible to represent the Netherlands and myself here at the 2023 World Championships! 🙂 Hopefully to inspire you that nothing is impossible 🙂

Follow us during, The Sailing World Championships 10 till 22 of august 2023. Formula kite, kitefoiling discipline.

Racing 14 – 20 August.

Equipment inspection 11 -13 August

* I hear you thinking…Why..?! Besides the kitefoiling, I was not ready to drop all other disciplines and go full for the kitefoiling. Because that’s not who I am. I think it defines me that I do it all and that’s what makes me a good athlete. Realizing down the road,  life is too short to do only one thing.

And also because the Olympic discipline is a difficult one in terms of support, specific equipment, sponsors, financial etc. I am a independent athlete – means not supported by the fedaration, on purpose- so for me its always a battle which event, where, work, train.. to eventually make it happen. Youre always a step behind on gear, training or… competition experience – if you are not a milionair 😉

So last year(s) I did some snowkiting worldcups, the Philippine kite tour,  made a round around Texel at one of the world’s biggest sailing competitions with my wing and most importantly I did qualify for my (and the worlds) second ANOC World Beach Games. My first Anoc World Beach Games was in kitefoiling and the second one was planned to be in wingfoiling this year – wingfoiling replaced the kitefoiling because of the schedule with the Worlds. I did qualify myself, and was supposed to do both events back to back, but (life made other plans as usual) the event got cancelled last minute. So here I am, getting as ready as I can be for the kitefoiling worlds.

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