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Why YOU need to start hydrofoiling – 10 simple facts


Thinking about, not convinced yet, dreaming about it, wishing I could….nothing wrong with dreaming  – if you don’t forget to make them reality! 10 real live hydrofoiling facts I face every day again and again. More kiting days and a new challenge.

1. No more just not enough days – show off !

That means, more kite days! Driving around the corner- you see all the kites laying on the water,  wind is gone, AGIAN. Doubting about turning around and driving back or waiting for the wind to pick up again. But to make sure you will always check the beach before driving home without kiting. Than the worst part starts… all your kite buddies just coming of the water, yes, you’re too late again… Arggg work, study, family…  No problem, just pull that light wind weapon out of the car and GO! Make them jealous, helloooo more sessions, hellooooo windy weekends.


2. Learn to fly!

Say what!? Yess, the flying carpet experience.  it’s a magic feeling especially the first time when you lift up out of the water. Well maybe not exactly  the first time you it up, but the first time you stay out of the water for a while.  No sound, no spray… flying.

3. You’re never too old.

Everybody can learn this and everyone can do this. It’s less impact (okay after learning) on your body while freeriding. Racing is off course  another story with another goal. You just need to learn the right balance key.


4. A new door (world) opens

You shred with 8 knots! What about that? For me a new door opened. I was the biggest “hydrofoil- opponent”  in the world you can easily say – for sure.  But kicking this door in showed me a complete new world. Hydrofoiling is a completely different discipline as kiting, the technique is different and the feeling is different and there is a lot to explorer in hydrofoiling. The opposite of what I thought. New spots, testing new limits, new adventures. What about you?


5. Easy to learn!

During this time, you’re reading this point, foiling is already a few years developed, lucky you! J  So it`s more easy to learn, with a short mast and a bigger wing. A what? Yes some new terms which you will learn along the way. Some tips I described here.

6. Never boring.

Might be the most important. The image of hydrofoiling is boring, at least that was my image of it. I say was because that changed pretty quickly (READ MY STORY). I discovered foiling is not only a light wind but also a stronger wind possibility, you can do lot of tricks, you can jump, backrol, kiteloop, handlepass or something else – Go crazy! Dance over the foil or train some race skills. Bored already? Waveriding is also an option.  


7. Speed

You will experience new speed records!  Before you know you will be speeding over the waters in almost no wind. I recommend not to wear a GPS watch the first times, but to concentrate on  yourself. To make sure to not scare yourself and crash straight away.

8. New lines in the water and new views

What? yes I was talking about the GPS watch. You can draw new lines on the water. Once you are up and riding you will experience that other kiters are in your way and not riding the same lines as you do. With hydrofoiling you can go way more upwind and downwind with less effort. You will be far away before someone will notice it and back downwind while they are still struggling holding the positions on the water. Need to run away from someone? Hiding for your girlfriend? Or just driving the others crazy while making rounds around them? It`s all possible.

Another option is making downwinders and upwinders. You can do a lot more distance, effortless than you can do with a twintip.  In the Philippines we used the hydrofoil to get from one to the other island. In Peru I am sailing in between spots and around the wind surfers, seeing the fishes, turtles, seals (and jellyfishes) from above.  

9. Avoiding the crowds on busy days

That’s my secret weapon…. …. I just can’t kite in between a million people. I try, tried and try again but it`s not working for me – I hate it!!. BUT taking the hydrofoil far out for a session is perfect! J After telling this I might be the one in 5 years that takes a twintip if everybody goes out foiling …. Say goodbye to busy, frustrating  twintip days!


10. Bringing riding in the choppy waters to another level.

Next to the busy days on the water I really used the foil to avoid the choppy waters. Everywhere on the world. Especially on lakes where its super nice for freestyle but when its high tide it will be choppy (brazil) , some days going together with strong wind and foilable choppy waters. Just take that 5m and go out foiling! Also.. on gusty days I like the hydrofoil more, with freestyle or big jumps its really annoying getting dropped out of the air or the bar that gets pulled out of your hands, on a foil it’s easier to manage. At least that’s my opinion now 🙂


Congratulations (again)  you made it through the 10 points! The learning curve might be hard but once you accomplished your first rides it`s great! Imagine the first time you kited on a twintip….. are you ready for this challenge? 

*note: you might also need new kites..for the really light wind days & you will lose more friends and family because of your new addiction….. again.

* you might need a bigger car,  garage or house …again.

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