Leave space for the helmet

The helmet has a special meaning for many… How important is it to you?

Never thought I would write about it. I did regret having one on my head, but now I like one on my head. And I must say: its quit interesting out there wearing a helmet these days…….

“Watch out Helmets…. beginners: give them some space! (this one I like for sure  )  A girl and a helmet, must be a disaster –NOWAY she can kite, were is her boardleash? You better turn around if she is coming towards you on the water – you never know where she will crash her kite (in fact this one is true  ). Show her some jumps – as close as possible in front of her face so she can`t miss it, show her how it`s done.  Is she really launching that size kite? Better warn her it`s pretty windy, maybe not a good day for a beginner to go.  Maybe you should pump a smaller kite or a bigger one, it is not easy for beginners to kite in light wind.

Do you know how to launch me? (you dont even know how I love answering these questions with a serious NO) If I show my thumb you can let go, clear? … Foiling, now? Foilkite, are you sure? There is a lot of wind.. and big waves. Did you measured the lines – they seem too short? Why is your safety ready to unhook? Better be careful, big waves, how long have you been kiting? Are you sure to go alone? Kite towards the water when I am launching you , it’s a bit gusty, but you can do this. Let me carry the board to the water first.“


Thank you guys for that, thanks for all the concerns (and thoughts I don`t even know about – yet), I appreciate it (and will always do!) . And also thanks for all your opinions, but honestly I don’t need them that much: 

Actually most of the time YOU are the one in need of a lesson right of way: look over your shoulder when you turn  (in a car you are also not suddenly just turning the wheel around  is it). Maybe look before you jump and learn to estimate – please………. If we are on the same line and you jump 50 cm to the front, you’re even more in my line and way now,  with the kite stuck on 12 o clock, because you couldn`t stick the landing of that amazing jump. But at least I witnessed it. Thanks! Next time a double handle pass would be a better show off.  Than I would be impressed, but only then, maybe. Oow and do you know?  Connect all 4 lines before asking anyone to launch you, pump your kite hard enough and don’t let anyone fly away (with your kite in their hands)  by launching your kite wayyyy tooo much upwind, right into the powerzone, thinking toooo long if you should give me a thumb or not… I understand the rush but…..if there is time to notice that helmet, there is plenty of time to get your equipment ready before I have to discover it`s not – that girl with the helmet. And if there is too much wind, just stay on the shore and leave some space for the helmet so you don’t have too judge this book by her cover…… and she can fly her 4m and have fun. Instead of helping you with your 7m to come back upwind – walking….

“Gotta use your brain, it`s the most important part of your equipment”


Another one I hear a lot: “for sure: you are the one on the beach that need it the less.” What? When I heard this one from a man, who I only met 2 minutes ago, I was a bit confused, didn’t know what to say. Think at that moment I just smiled. Launched my kite and went into the water.  Just like the other time a man told me: “Did you really need it today? .  eeuh yes”I did.

From that moment I thought what`s wrong with people and than I even get more question marked faces all around:

The size struggle .. Go out there and try…

I get asked by man and especially through girls which kite I used on the water. If the size was oke or too big. Usually I tell them it’s oke and smaller is possible if you don’t want to fly! But when I pick up my stuff and they will see me picking up the helmet… they are taking my story in doubt…walking to some other girl…don`t believe the helmet, its just a beginner- how can she possibly now?. And her boyfriend gives her the advice to take the bigger kite…….too big.

Wind or no wind?

I watch the forecast, the weather (mostly – or at least the tree next doors), you too? I think it`s part of the job. I know when the wind is getting more, or getting less. When there is thunder and sunshine.  Still I receive a lot of  Warnings walking down to the beach with my helmet under my arm. It`s really windy girl, its picking up, it`s going to rain, you see that cloud…?  There are big waves and current…. Thanks for saying. You really give everyone this advice? – or just me. Even if it’s not that harsh conditions…. At least than I understand and I like that advice – thanks again!



And another one I hear a lot: Is it yours? …eeuh YES. That’s for beginners.  This time I wanted to say a lot but I stayed again with the Okay, the smile. Because was this a compliment that I am not a beginner or? Why should it? Look into skiing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skating, mountainbike….  I don’t say we all have to wear a helmet… but  we don`t have to be all a beginner to  wear a helmet. 

Kiting is an extreme sport you know?

Last time I asked about the wind to another guy, toknow the size I had to take. I got the question back: You can kite? Yes.. it`s not really the first time…you know? But explain me one more time , how do I adjust that helmet, and can I borrow your board leash? What kite should I pump? Not sure if I grab the bar doing my 313….. I might crash it the first attempt. Well on the other hand, it`s nice those conclusions made beforehand.   And if they see me walking down with a foil and a big foil kite, I straight got the questions, not too big?, can you foil? Well.. maybe, I am just learning. But if I was you I would grab a smaller tube kite to be safe and not fly over the beach and bring your twintip instead of the foil to actually ride today- Just saying.

After all the biggest issue: Not launching my kite…. It`s too big for you little girl… This is one I heard the most. While a lot of days, I am the only one having fun in 50+ knots with my 3m… and all the guys are watching or washing off downwind…. … that 13 year old girl with a helmet…… flying around – I liked that one too  Maybe first ask, instead of decide and let me find some random walking people with a dog to help me launching my kite. And lucky enough they are always there for me to launch or land me  Thank you!

“life is tough so wear a helmet”


This girl with helmet is grown up (well a little), maybe not kiting as long as all of you, but having more experience than all of you together , I know my limits and I know when I need a helmet and when I don’t need one.  It`s my decision. Any doubts about that? Feel free to ask, but not decide. (I promise you a good story, for sure!)  And off course there are a looooot of friends too  who always help on the beach and know better  Thanksss!

So yes, the helmet has a special meaning for many. How important is it to you? – for me it has a lot of special meanings but after all: it protects my head  (and prevents my ears from the water coming in)

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