#Frontseatstories1 – Losing Power

This was some unexpecting error. After being for service and the yearly check I didn`t expected some issue, especially not after what they already fixed and changed…

But 500km out of the 2700  on the road back home, I felt already after 200 km some shocks, if the car was backing up a bit. Telling me already, something is wrong..Well, after 450 km suddenly he went in emergency loop, the light on the dashboard switched on and a loud beeeeeeep. Well… as instinct I went on the emergency lane and drove / without any power, 60km an hour to the next village stop, because I didn’t wanted to be stuck somewhere on the highway. There I switched the engine off and tried it again a few minutes later. Nothing wrong anymore… but I didn`t trusted it. After some km I felt the shocks again. I did know something was coming and yep the lights switched on again with another loud beeeep followed by the emergency loop of the car… So I turned off the highway, drove with no power and 60 km an hour a  few minutes of the highway to the next small village. Because it was almost midnight and Sunday, I just parked and got a good night of sleep. Tomorrow we try again.

I did my homework and already now there are a view Garages around. But I also did my research and know it was a simple quick fix. I just needed the part.  The next morning I was off to the garage. Since I didn’t speak the language, I couldn`t get all of it. But the thing he quoted me an unashamed amount of 1500 euros I got right. Something google said different. I am not the one that doesn’t want to pay, but not 100 times the amount. So I went on and found a small local garage with an elderly couple. We couldn`t understand each other, but google helped us. The man walked with me to my car and we drove carefully to his place. Together we went back to the other garage where I bought the part. With my bag of tools from the front seat, his knowledge, google translate and a lot of cookies from his wife, we fixed the car for not more than 50 euros.

Sometimes it is as easy as that. The part brought me later all the way to Spain, Italy, Greece and back home. Guess we did a good job.  

After a shower, a breakfast I was on the road again. Thanks to this couple.  

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