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WORLD?! ..Because…Life isn’t perfect but it has perfect moments!👌 😊 

Because…Life isn’t perfect but it has perfect moments!👌 😊 #throwback🔙

Yesss I am still alive🙃, maybe not that responsive or sharing the kitesessions with you – yet, but my arm is still in one piece and I am just hanging on, learning to be patience, to not fight the facts, to deal with it and this world!🤷‍♀️ What about you guys?

Even now, when times get tough & things get super strange (well, not only things…also people’s mentality). All around the world life is not the way it used to be – anymore.🤔🌏So many questions, but there are no answers– just choices, life is to be lived. Just because things are not at their best right now does not mean that we should give up or shouldn’t enjoy the moments we actually can!🙌🙌

There is not a specific “right way” to go through this pandemic. Neither there is “an award” for who is the best or the most miserable going through this. There is no government in the whole world saying “fun” is cancelled. Neither that we should go in social isolation or finger point at each other.👮While appreciation, social distance, acceptance, virtual dinner, balcony bingo and shared screen meetings are the new words we learn. Neighbor bush tennis is a new sport and patience is a big part of our “new” lives now🤷‍♀️

Just remember life isn`t about surviving these things, it`s about understanding this –we are all struggling (and not only the ones in need of a hospital bed). Do we focus on the right things?We might save lives now, but don’t we destroy some in the end?We can’t hide from it, it exist and it will exist forever. And we might have to live a bit longer like this. 🤐Keep hustling, keep fighting and keep hanging on!💪

And once the storm is over you won`t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won`t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over.But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won`t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm`s all about.🌪️⚡

We might be further away from each other, but in another way we are closer than ever.Be brave, be kind and be You!😊❤️

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World? yes you world, know what?? Should we uninstall 2020 and reinstall it. This version has a virus.. it ended up on standby – but not on hold – for a lot of us. Are you confused already? Trapped inside? On standby – mode? Kiting? Or isolated? Or reopened already?? What to do and what is the best decision?   This year.. I rather skip it..? Or.. well, maybe it brought us some good things to?

 We ended up into two worlds. One with really bad things, hospitals full of reality – showing how vulnerable we actually are. Closed businesses, people without jobs, closed schools… uncertainty about the future.  Working at the grocery store is suddenly a highly important job, we might have to realize after this as well. Just like the transport. Without transport no medication – food – or anything.  In the other world it brought us together, the you know what gave us time.  We might be fyrther apart than ever, but in the other world we are closer than ever before.

And some days, I think it brought us a bit apart, because of different opinions, lost lives, lost friends, family, all processing this on our own way, discovering new things thoughts and having time…. Yes it`s still our world we have to live in.

The You Know what virus got us like:

“I have seen people doing the craziest things finally find their creative inner self. Challenges from the best crash to foiling inside to the in your face, throwbacks and push up challenges. Looks like were all still alive…... from the toilet paper madness to doing skateboarding backflips of the roof, snowboarding on blankets from the window, climbing around the whole house, skiing on the table, kiting at the stairs. Granny’s with sticks in the park to chase everyone on a 2m distance… We are guilty too, actually already whole my live I realized just now:  Made a little skate bowl in the backyard, practice board flips from the chair (sorry neighbors ..again) , skate tricks on the carpet and I do play soccer indoors, slide the table and nothing to say about the gym upstairs.. meanwhile  I write this blog, still with one hand, staring out of the window – I see people starting new hobbies though the street… skating, slackline etc.. We all got our own quarantine goals it seems. #stayathome #dontstaysafe or..??”

The Ride of uncertainity

One thing is sure:  We have to ride through this together. Even if it`s through the swell in your living room (for some countries around the world). Or kiting with the wind of the ventilator  in the bedroom. We are in this together – not alone! Don’t be selfsentric.  It surprises me how disciplined some people are.. and some totally not.  During the day, going skating – I am never alone anymore – everyone is outside. (I am too.. #quilty). But Every step I make, every trick I do someone is talking to me, looking for communication, positive though… Being some kind of entertainment show dancing on my longboard in front of the “street of old people”. Recognized by every window that shows a head with grey hair – staring and waving – and secretly smiling. Yes I still play outside – because staying at home and staying safe just doesn’t work for me. But I don’t complain if some beach or anything needs to be closed. They should have a reason for it. We shouldn’t discus this. Closed is closed. But for now I am happy we can still be outside and…. no –one said fun is cancelled. But we have to keep our distance and not make it too busy everywhere. Do what you got to do and go home! J

Meanwhile, some are worrying about them being chased of the beach with a drone. Competitions that get moved, a way to still effectively train. Why? To beat the rest of the world? but what if the world beats us? While you were too busy living your live, finding a spot to kite driving across borders… It shouldn’t be a discussion.

You know that people die alone? People fight the biggest fight of their lives, alone? People are left alone? People do there last breath, alone? We are not untouchable. I hope you realize that too. I know some do, but some not.  I know by now how vulnerable we actually are, after seeing a hospital full of reality and hardworking people. You can for sure, but don’t complain if they close something because of you.  Instead team up, accept it and try to understand. If you really want too:  Make it happen, find a way to keep the spirit alive in a responsible manner, so sport can stay (without finger pointing each other). Just like the people that had to shut down there business. Or the once that lost lives or beloved ones.  I don’t hear them complaining too, while they are suffering just like the people in need of a hospital bed. So do something useful with your time. And don’t make the world think we don’t care. Be self-disciplined – accept what`s expected from you.


You will discover some funny facts though:

  • The new hobby of the neighbor is maybe not where he is made for.
  • That the dog is the most wanted object nowadays.
  • That we fight about who is throwing away the thrash.
  • People that keep so many distance, they must be measuring in inches.
  • Hand sanitizer helps you discover new cuts you never know you had.
  • That some people know shit about technology and skype “I can’t hear youuuuu, Hellooooo, Hellloooo – Maybe switch on the microfoon” . and you can work in pajamas, sticking some tape on top of the webcam. Don’t start with sharing a screen.
  • That your girlfriend (or boyfriend!!) is not made to be a haircutter – another reason to switch of that webcam.
  • That you actually have nice neighbors. And playing badminton over the wall can be fun to.
  • Never had so much fun with toilet paper, admit it.
  • Wishing your parents good luck when they go shopping.
  • shopping together everyone with their own cart made it a bit more funny.
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