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The you – know – what: Use it wisely

The you – know – what: Use it wisely

Hamster virus or  the virus of stupidity? Anyway – Use it wisely.

The you – know – what …It made me realize waking up, seeing the sun shining – outside,  I have the chance to see another day – be thankful. Many others are not able to, some never – and it happens faster than you ever can imagine. Within one week I started to ask myself the question again and again… Is this our world? Yes now it is. Some are still free, some are locked, beaches are closed, gyms, restaurants, schools and even the borders – everything thats not important to healthcare. Some friends are stuck on places you don`t want to be- almost in a war kind of situation. It s serious.

The reason I share this story with you : This week my opinion got asked… I actually dont got one: I am just curious whats going to happen with our world.

Our world: I looked around with my surprised face. My eyes wide open (and no I wasn’t in the supermarket in front of the toilet papers – this time). Is this our world? An elderly woman asked me if I know she could go inside to her husband. Once she told me where he was – even I know that moment I couldn’t help her I tried – really hard  – because that’s my work and that`s what we should do during this times – help each other. But then I realized no-body could help her anymore… Life changed, the world changed- we have to accept it and deal with it – help people even though we know we can`t. Be nice but keep distance and listen to the advice.

..a bit shocked to leave the elderly lady alone, waiting like that. I gave her one of my kitesurfing magazines to read an get a bit of distraction in this

Walking further outside the door with my fresh cast, all test survived – still in another world. It changed in a week. A reporter catches me to ask about my work, my cast, my arm and anything inside and outside the hospital – I didn’t realized it, did some staring at what’s going on around. My friend works at the IC in Italy and.. meanwhile I am seeing her with tears in her eyes this morning on skype:

” no- one knows what`s really happening inside the hospitals”. “The neighbors are in quarantine… friends in voluntary quarantine to travel others stuck on dangerous places… people lose beloved ones they never had the time to see or properly talk with…or let the phone ring 10 times, just because you didn’t make the time – later suddenly became never” “healthy people can transfer the virus without noticing… or too late.. and I need to make impossible choices” – i dont like this world – and people dont take it serious. That all, because you’re live was based on financial decisions, egoistic decisions, you wanted that party, or that gym session above all and now you regret not picking up that phone earlier or saying hello once in a while a little more. “threated my first patient and now months later, I already did too many – too many who did not survive – I can`t do it anymore.. my parents…they are in another hospital…how long can we continue like this…?”:  she said.

I didn’t noticed but the reporter is staring with me for already half an hour, quietly – listing to the conversation with my friend.  In the supermarket and the streets around we still make fun about it, children play, we are talking cloe to each other, but this world here is different. It opened my eyes – wide open. With respect to all nurses and all other hard working people inside this world, our world. Be nice, help people out, but keep distance and listen to the advice. And just make a stupid video, enjoy netflix, start another challenge at home, have a skype party with friends, play with the toilet paper, shower in desinfaction.. but dont go running all on the same road… enjoy the nice weather from your backjard for a while. We are in this together as one world.

“I work inside the hospital & transport on location , not at home and in the night shifts aswell (not as a nurse  )and I do have a cast around my arm I have been in there, seen the quarantine, the tests, experienced it all yes”… oow … “My story from inside and outside this world, you asked?”

A gift

Forget about the other viruses going one these days: the hamster virus and the virus of stupidity. But honestly, I think it’s a gift, a gift of time we never have. Always people have the excuses I don’t have time, I can’t make time. Here you go: Now you got it. Use it wisely. Now you have the time to play with the kids, talk to your parents on the phone, to read that book or watch that movie, to study, to sit on that couch you didn’t even know there was in your house, to clean everything you needed to clean for ages, ask your friends how they do – by zoom. Time, to reset and realize what really matters the most in life. To overthink your dreams, passion and goals. Use it wisely. Before starting to get angry, panic around or complain or do if nothing is going one.

Some of us have been there and have seen how it is in the hospitals, quarantine and around – it`s not a joke. Seen with own eyes what is going on, been inside this story. And usually I am the one going against it and ditch that rules, because I am not scared and like adventure. But this ..this is different. People are crying – outside – because, people who are loved really die, alone. Never seeing your beloved ones anymore. Nurses have to make sacrifices they never want to. Need to implement ramp scenarios teached on university but never thought they would ever use. But its what’s really happening now – all around the world – and we are just hanging on.

So if you have been given time, because of a cancelled trip or work shift, you’re not allowed to do your favorite sport- Use it wisely.  I know you are disappointed not being locked down on that favorite kite or holiday island, not being able to work, too see your friends, you wish you studied for another job to work now (accountant or transport.. or nurse), but there are worse things in the world right now. Enjoy your gift – time and Use it wisely. Be glad if you are at home and safe – keep it like that.

We can still make fun about it, because when you look outside the window the sun is shining and all is the same but the world is different. We can still do things we want to and have to do, because we got time  – Use it wisely.  And not by emptying supermarkets or pharmacies…or going against rules that are necessary, follow advice and keep on smiling there is more than you think! You don’t have to react to everything and always – let it go. Open up for new things, help and be nice – stay home.

“And personally..? “ Well …eeeeuhhh I dont have too much to say  “you use it wisely..?” “What about the isolation..?.. did youre life changed..?”

I just love it when the hardest choices are made for me… (for the once of you who missed the cast around my arm)

  • I don’t hold myself back. Even though a broken arm or something else that still let me walk. There is always a way ..always, you just have to find it.  So the Red bull race in Norway.. I didn’t even think about how to fit that hand glove with the cast. I will make it happen, just like holding that kite. Be brave and go out there. Against some opinions.. but I can’t decide not to do it – if I can. That’s not me. Appears that they cancelled the race because of the you-know-what….and shut down the whole country.. and two weeks of quarantine to Snowkite in a country is a bit too complicated if home is nice too… And the countries around did shut down too, so the choice is made for me again – no snowkiting also somewhere else, stay safe.
  • Same story: Soccer, rainy , outside and we had one person short. We just can`t afford it to get a fine and to lose, to lose the points we need – because it would be an easy win… And I can’t let a team down. Because that means no champion this year – not an option. So even though I had to run away from the ball, hide for the shot of the defender,  I would have gone there for sure. What appears? They cancelled all the competitions – next weeks…

 Happy me again 

It let me think Isolation ready or normal lifestyle…..?

When you actually find out, your normal lifestyle is already self- isolation – proof…

  • We did some unintended hoarding already – no not because of the you-know-what. But because of going to Norway. So we are ready for 3 weeks at home.. Usually we don’t have any food at home.. need anything?
  • We do have a floor full of gym toys, maybe sooner than we had a real bed – I didn’t had a gym subscription anyway.
  • Well,  I already practice my skate tricks, soccer tricks inside the house on rainy days… sorry neighbors, plants and mum (but you should blame dad for the ideas and kicking the ball always to hard). Am I the only one in this? The kitebar is also swinging around in the room. Just like the dinner table we use for table tennis or the wall made empty for tennis…or who has still the skippy balls at home..?
  • No – one looks strange now if I have 1 arm and 1 arm inside my jacket, I can’t shake your hand. Its policy now is it? Maybe I should keep the other arm inside as well, do you think?

Finally people woke up or am I the one isolated always… ?

Thinking more about that… my life goes one like usual…. (Sofar)

  • Watching the class together with my teammates back at home. Usually I am the strange one watching all classes from under a palm tree, from a boat, on top of a mountain or in the ice cave – on the other side of the world. They might follow me next time….well and its 2020 after all so we all have some sort of skype, Facebook, Instagram to stay in touch. It’s not that hard, I had to fight the first years to convince everyone I could study online, stay in touch online, work online… the world is changing. oké and I stil have to watch 30 lectures old 3 hours back ……………. How long should I stay at home? another year?
  • They don’t always have to bump into you in the train or bus anymore.. and no traffic jams. Its nicely quit outside in public transport and people keep distance. You get even a seat in the busy train in the early morning or on Saturday night after a shift – nice! but also strange in a way…..
  • And you know? You can always switch of the tv or social media. (if you only know how many time my phone is on flight mode… ssst). Take a break from everything and stay in your own world and use your time. But not too long, the world might have moved on during that time. Not guilty… but yes I am the one who sometimes misses out on complete conversations and appointments, questions…etccccc.

Home or?

  • I can finally (yes mum – really this time) unpack my boardbag, which I already had to do for ages. Every time I left I just took another boardbag, snow, sun – or the same and never unpacked just switched incl. the dirty clothes… The story of the past months. And finally the skies are waxed up and ready.. for next season. This season the wouldn’t make it ready anyway 
  • Actually home feels like a holiday now if you are there three quarters of the year. No place like home. Finally the time to fix that door we had to do already a few years ago…  And did you now I also have family? Just wished them happy new year J finally I wake up and  I know where I am. The same place for more than a week. And you know.. I also have neighbors.. not just the bisons..? I am the biggest tourist there is nowadays in my own country.
  • Say yes, Finally time to clear that hard drive and all the SD cards of the phone, drone, gopro and camera… I run away from already way to long. Ooow and… finally: Found the Dutch chargers for my laptop again. Every time I start searching I end up somewhere in between not finding it and not a wanting to  miss my flight.
  • Do all the 10.000 updates on my laptop, which I never even try to do with the Wi-Fi networks I meet  abroad…waste of time (and maybe, just maybe not patient enough).
  • Finally I hear the delivery man thinking ( and the neighbors) they open the door , are actually at home to receive their own package for the irst time in yearsssssss.
  • Many are complaining and I know it will affect everyone around. But hey be positive. Think about other things.. meanwhile I have so many shifts I can’t even work them. As a freelancer it`s about time now to find something else, be creative. Cause everyone around is complaining and I have so many shifts I can`t even work them ..without that much effort. So there is plenty of work out there. Find the places where you are needed. Or in this three weeks you can be a pro in editing software, designer, another language and wayyyy more, while safely staying inside.
  • Finally the time to kite– you don`t want to talk to people anyway if fits windy – finally a legal reason to rush to the beach, be unsocial and kite… and rush home again (in wetsuit)  because it cold. Play indoor soccer.  Stop making excuses and do the workouts you always and always wanted to do. Just finish that puzzle. Or try that new skates + trick.. or maybe leave this idea for safety reasons…

You’ve got time – use it wisely.

“What do you think about the shopping?”

The dangerous hamster stupidity virus:

Am I the only one not getting it….??

  • Empty supermarkets within a few minutes…I really do enjoy shopping in the supermarket now. I used to hate it, in and out and you always forget something. I mean how funny is it seeing someone grab ALL – I mean 30 bags of 16 toilet paper rolls. Just stare and watch – I did this morning with just tree apples in my hand. The lady at the desk said: “ that’s all? “With a surprise face I told her: “Yes that’s all”.  I mean how many sheets of toilet paper you use in a day..?? As well as I noticed the Dutch don’t like mandarins – even the expensive, not so fresh, already cut fruit is more popular. Do we live of bread and toilet paper? It`s 2020 guys! The virus kills, you get sick… and you have lots of toilet paper – nice! But for what?
  • And you know? if you come in the morning the supermarket is al filled up…and so is your kitchen by now I guess?

We should all be a bit more creative, we’ve got time now is it..? It reminds me at the moment on a boat in the Philippines I got pushed a bucket or something into my hands when entering the toilet…. A “tabo” – I learned a year later. No its not to wash your hands/ face or flush the toilet.. or a cooking pan (looks like it though). No its another way…there I learned how to survive this toilet paper crises… and more … baking your own bread is really not that difficult and its fun! Well, and not only with this, also with staying home and keeping distance of each other. We can do this.

Or just enjoy your quarantine – time while visiting another country. Every problem is an opportunity! Mindset guys…don’t lose it – open your eyes. Like mine did at the hospital. Change is the only constant thing. We will adapt, we will grow and we will gain a greater appreciation, strength and passion. Together we are strong. Let nature be your teacher and use the time given wisely. Even if it means not coming outside or allowed to go anywhere, than just stay at home and be safe – shouldn`t be a problem is it? Be aware you might never get a change like this again! Make the best out of it  See the world changing but also see it as an opportunity.  While others are fighting where we stop. Lets not intterupt that, but support each other, stay at home or away from everyone. We often lose sight of it but: Health is and stays more important than anything else on the world!

“…..and we have seen the example in italy. the reporter concludes….” What do you think?

And I , I think: We can`t escape, the news, the quotes, the story’s, facebook – The-You-Know-What. It is what it is and we have to deal with it.

Airplanes disappeared from the sky, cycling to work through the city, in the middle of the night suddenly became boring, no bridge huggers, still looking for people dancing around coming out of the café, drinking to that party without reason. It’s scary when I`am literally alone on the world early morning with my bike….. Did the world stopped turning? 

 Thinking, when finally seeing people how to greet them or at the traffic light to press the button or not. It’s the little things.. While in the parks, beaches and on the water it seems nothing is going one, everyone enjoying life, freedom – all running on the same roads, talking with friends we now meet in the supermarket, but is that the right thing to do? They have time enough while others have time too short. Can we make that joke? Can I greet my friends? We have to wait on distance of each other for this storm to pass…? 

I don’t know.. But what I do know: We took everything for granted and we have to solve this together. Now the strange thing is there are two different worlds. The-You-Know- What gave us some really bad things, experiences, but also some good things and lessons: Don’t take any sunrise or sunset for granted.

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