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The rules have changed

It’s me Secretly chasing freedom!  

Playing soccer inside, practicing my skate tricks on the carpet, meanwhile on the other had. I am also secretly chasng freedom. #quilty #commitingacrime2020 #covid19 #lockdown

But you know? It’s the only way to be far away from the news, social media finger pointing virus, the opinions without reasons or proof. The best escape route of the questions with no answers. The place to hide from all people and be alone, finally – not meeting any  “moral knights” – who are even worse than the rest. Not facing the reality all day long. A little break from the world.

Finger pointing : you shouldn’t have been there..? who said fun is cancelled..? I don’t say practice that backflip on skates you have never done before But go outside, you deserve it. Don’t sit on the couch with that big bag of nachos, eating your you know what depression away. And kitesurfing in the living room. Guys..? it’s not social isolation……… – we all have different opinions in here – accept it.

A little break,  we all need sometimes.  Like a lot of you do too, on a bike, walking in the park, to the supermarket or running…But you thought you were so  safe and ..what many meters distance again… did you touched that?  There is not a specific “right way” to go through this pandemic. Neither there is an award for who is the best or the most miserable going through this. There is no government in the whole world saying “fun” is cancelled.  Neither that we should go in social isolation. But also we shouldn`t be playing soccer with the whole country or running on the same road all together.

While waiting for this storm to pass, showing us that the most valuable things in life cannot be bought or touched. A good moment to appreciate what we have.   It’s also testing us. How we do this, all together. Because we might have to live like this a little longer.. you know? We might save lives now (in the long term), but we also destroy lives. It’s not only the people in need of a hospital bed suffering, also entrepreneurs and the youth. We can’t hide from the you know what, it  exists, it will exist and forever. We should focus on the big picture, because the world is still turning and were just hanging on.

I am not the one to judge, no-one actually. But I think it’s the time we need to come closer to each other, be nice.  We have to figure it all out together, with each other and not against each other – finding a way.  And not by self-isolating ourselves or others, we can’t do that forever.

And, You Know? I tell you all about it when I see you again!


The last time I asked myself constantly, is this our world? Now I know. It`s definitely our world. And the world changed, it`s still turning and we are just hanging on.

You know? that a crashing skateboard or bouncing ball suddenly makes a lot of noise on the empty parking lots and schoolyards? Airplanes disappeared from the sky, while birds appeared in the sky. Rabbits pop up in the middle of the city.  Because you had to close your doors. You know I miss you? Instead of laughing at you being drunk, offering me a drink,  it’s a duck who passes the street offering me a lost face during my mid night bicycle ride to work. The signs closed re everywhere and the world changed to one big tack away adventure.

You know?  I still don’t know where to stand at the traffic light to push that button or not. If I can pass that people or not. If I can greet my friend or not. It feels weird passing people with a big circle and not having to slalom between the taxi drivers. And you know? Its strange not seeing you anymore, waiting for me at the traffic light, walking the dog waiting for my hello and high 5. Instead I am chasing teddy bears and wondering where you are? You know? It feels a little sad. We have to wait on distance from each other for the storm to pass. Stay home as much as possible and stay safe – but this words are not always hand in hand. And you know?  I miss you staring at me during the daily walk,  when I practice my new tricks the support. Miss the ears that truly listen about my recent kite – adventures Instead Patience, acceptance, balcony bingo , lockdown party, window waving, cancelled, virtual dinner and social distance are new words we learn..  But you know what?  I tell you all about it when I see you again!

You know? I miss you, the sand and the salt – the perfect moments and the frustration you gave us training. Meeting up with you became illegal in some countries. We can go less to the beach and have to accept the closed spots. It shouldn’t be  a discussion how to still train effectively… To beat the rest of the world? but what if the world beats us?  Some people have time enough, others to short. There are more important fights right now.  But you know what?  I tell you all about it when I see you again!

This storm (The –You –Know –What) is here to show us that the most valuable thongs in life cannot be seen, bought or touched. Remember the times when you could surf, travel, skate, run, basically do WHATEVER you wanted to.  The moment you lose it, it’s a good moment to appreciate freedom and all of it.

The time we have ahead of us is filled up with uncertainty. No one has all the facts. No one knows what will happen. No one knows how it will end. No one knows if it will end. Some days are better, some days are worse. Stay positive, stay strong. You can’t do it all, but you can do your best….

….Cause, we ALL have the responsibility to do everything we can to make sure this crises passes sooner rather than later – together. So we can get back to our lives, spending time with the people who mean the most to us and doing the things we love the best. So listen to the advice. Be patience. Be nice.

Meanwhile one thing is for sure our current life is not available. #standby

It`s hard, but not impossible
It`s long, but I see the end
It`s that I miss it all, but I know the wind, the ocean & the mountains are waiting for me..

I`lll be back as promised! We are all back as promised!

And yes, the rules have changed, the entire world has been flipped into the air like a giant pancake and no one is quite sure how it`s going to land.  Something what I also ls don’t know if I slide the rails or do that flip… but different.  Through all of this. Stay strong, stay home, stay creative! The storm will pass. Once its passed we can shred like there is no tomorrow. We are riding through this – together! 

Meanwhile I say YES, that’s me not so secretly anymore chasing freedom for a while.

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