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Foil Season 2019 & my struggles

Just before the season of 2019 in the Netherlands will kick off and all the competitions and nice days on the water are starting again.  I have to share a little throwback of my foil cup Holland & Foil struggles of 2018. Things always seems so easy, and you’re not the only one! I had my struggles as well, did a lot of work behind it , maybe even more than you ever know.  

“You should participate: they said, it would be fun: they said,  aah just one round  to try: they said, you can do it.. they said.. it’s not that difficult… …”  .. And there I went into the water to the unknown.

YES  one way it’s true, it wasn’t that difficult,  in theory and if you know how to go upwind and downwind, you can participate, easily!  It is fun, really.  And definitely not all about losing and winning, also about learning and fun.

YES,   I still remember my first races two years ago…… With a huge foil kite (for something like the first time), not knowing what to do exactly  (not that the skippers meeting wasn’t clear, I won’t put it that way).  But the trust in the kites and in myself, wasn’t there.  Scared to crash it in the water, scared to touch someone else, not sure about my foil skills and definitely not wanting to be in the way. Why did I actually participate?... well that’s me some impulsive spontaneous actions. If you ever learned to compete it will never disappear just like the need for progression and a goal, a challenge. And proving people wrong is the best feeling – sometimes.

“I never did it before so I think I can do it”

NO I didn’t regret  the flying off the foil, losing the board, not getting downwind, never got any tack or gibe right, getting doubled every race and againnnn struggles the first time.

It just made me REALIZE that there was a lot to learn. But also that hydrofoiling and competing  is a good way to develop and work on that skills. I just found a new little world.  Since I can’t leave things unexplored without being happy with progression, the rest of the year I made up for it:  I started to learn tacks and gybes, a bit more trust in foil kites and in the freeride foil.  And actually did better – looking back at it.  I still wasn`t quiet used to all the rounds and the whole day of heats.  But I made it and had fun.  That was not the end, although I was close to leaving it – sometimes.  I learned to set my own goals despite of others.  It is not all about losing or winning, it`s also about FUN, I learned.

and yes sometimes you…… have to walk 😉

Used to competitions and living in a competitive environment, always looking for PROGRESSION.  2018 became a year of above the water tacks,  Gibes and using 20m lines and with foil kites. It all against my rules but less and less tube kites. I changed  from freeride foil to more race foil . To a first place in the freeride class and in the woman’s division of the Foil Cup Holland  (only two girls….., so where are you?). To the next adventure,  struggling with 15m lines, race-bars, race-depower and big foil kites (in no wind) making it into a fourth place on the third  stop of the Goldcup (world tour Hydrofoiling ) in Italy.  Just a try-out, and definitly not the end.

“ The difficult is what takes a little time, the impossible is what takes a little longer”

I still didn’t trust the short lines, the big kites, myself when making tacks & gybes on full speed and  I still scare myself on the foil – sometimes. Or by launching a 7m foil kite in a loooot of wind…

… But that’s because your testing the limit and the limits are more difficult and challenging every time.  I still hate it when I just can’t ride all the heats, I still find it difficult to concentrate for all the heats and to start with all the other kites.  To not do any tricks but rounds the whole day.   I am still not that happy to go out with no wind….Well and someone told me  hydrofoiling goes together with swimming – sometimes, I am not the only one after all J   But getting faster and faster – speeding through the field and getting everything right (finally!!), seeing the results, of  the never ending challenge –  definitely makes it all worth it! 

See you season of 2019!

” Dont give up just because something is hard, pushing through challenges is what makes you grow! “

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