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Foil Cup Holland 2018 – 10 faces :)

  1. My face when someone turns in front of me from out of NO-where…without looking or any sign. Or is passing the marks from the wrong side….And I suddenly need to react.. Just WHY?

2. Always and I mean ALWAYS making the wrong choices (actually being surprised if I make it exactly). Too far away or waaaaayyy to close. But always making the best out of it and measuring my way closely  and making it fit perfectly… well perfectly………..

3. The face off, I hate that a BIG bar (which I promised myself not to use anymore.. and here we are… together on the water in a competition).  And then the surprise look if it is flying the way I wanted it to and I actually did made that turn. Well miracles…

4. Always making sure you don’t MISS ANY MARKS #neveragain. Check them out closely, because … you never see them on distance. Or the waves are in front or… too far away. It’s always a big guess, so better check them close.  Just check if they are connected well and not secretly moving during the heats   

5. Make sure to NOT get  tangled by the starting line, it’s a shame,  the road is lon so fight it out on the track. I made sure I just start as last one ..alone and watch every one else fail. #neveronpurpose.

6. Well, that’s the thing, I will never go  fast enough, never go downwind enough, some are always going faster, how….. and the fastest once are always having the good wind.

7. Never the right kite, feeling you’re the only one who always makes the wrong choice, going alone upwind thinking you’re the last one approaching the finish line…but don’t forget to look back., at least once.

8. My face when I don’t trust that kite and because of that I missed my tack again! No its not my skills, it’s that foil kite.  #tubekiterules #isitstillintheair?.

9. Shitty tacks and gibes …………..sometimes it’s just NOT working –out.  And your still on the wrong side of the mark …. #anothertackneeded

10. Its always to blame the foil! I am sure…….. he always kicks me off. Maybe I should talk to him. NEVERRR going as I want it to, but still smiling… maybe it’s the angle of standing….. #sitbackandenjoytheride #dontforgettosmile

This last picture is more true , where its all about, fun and a possibility to train with friends! ….After all it’s always fun and nice racing together!    And.. these struggles are a foundation for the successes coming, effort gets rewarded, always, one way or the other!  I invite you to join me……

Happy racing in 2019! 

*more info about the Foil Cup Holland > HEREhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/8xKLvGZ0mTE?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent

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