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Did you ever watched the Sunrise or a sunset?

Did you know? There is a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they are absolutely free! Don`t miss so many of them!! Especially when it’s a sunrise you can watch from the hydrofoil or a sunset you can enjoy riding around on your twintip  …… although rigging a kite in the dark might be a little bit too excited, just maybe.

Why? Because, an early or late kite-session is better as no kite-session at all. At least that’s my way of thinking. A lot of times I hear people talking about my life, yes exactly, my life. Quoting them will look like this: “What a live”… And wondering why I am that much on the water and concluding, no job, sponsored –so everything is free and just kiting, kiting and kiting. Well, I truly wish it was like that…. So easy!  but no, I also work, study, have family and a lot more sports to practice. Despite that I am also my own coach, trainer, travel -agent, manager, accountant and chef, I also decided to add board and kite repair to the list. And guess what, I am happy to be all in 1, not being dependent of other people and managing my own life. Behind this I am also a normal person who has to pay for living, gear, travels and competitions if I want to go there. Not complaining, I like it, everything I do, every step I take and every goal I reach.

“The fact that you aren`t where you want to be , should be enough motivation”


The fact is finding a way to combine you’re priorities, set your own goals and together with good time management , being effective and efficient will get you there. If you really, really want to. There is always a way and if not, you should create one. You can’t` count on two hands how many sunrises and sunsets I surfed in my life. And you will not know either how many times I surf, work, do exercises and follow classes, all on one day. And sometimes I even close the day with a soccer game or another training. And not a working day of 5 hours…no, just the normal 8 hours everybody does. With all in mind that goal I want to reach, that destination I will go to if your freezing off the water. And if it`s not working, I make it working, talk to people, be creative and most important do it for yourself.

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”

Who is that person that Is kiting while you’re sleeping, driving home or works when you’re eating dinner, pumping a kite in the dark or walking into university still barefooted, going for petrol in wetsuit (or shop groceries in …wetsuit) making exams with sand in the eyes, start working 4 o clock in the morning or finish late night.. Following classes in the airplane, learning on the airports (or while waiting for the wind in between heats on a competition) , making assignments in the car, writing a thesis in the train. Is working while your partying. Is skipping family dinners (but always makes up for it when there is no wind!), comes late to parties and still needs to wipe the sand of her feeds before entering. Taking a shower out of a bottle next to the car before heading to work… That person who is preparing meals for three days including lunch and breakfast, to save time and spend it to some more important things – kitesurfing…

“You have to be willing to sacrifice nights out, relationships, time and love, not because you want to, but because party is just another party , but this.. this is everything, this is life!”


BUT, it’s the same person who; is kiting a lot, is having a lot of fun, makes a lot of hours on the water & snow, has a job and is following education. Has a bachelor, a master, almost a post-master and can teach a lot of sports officially. And… is practicing different sports. Sleeps more than 8 hours, spends time with family and walks the dog. Has a lot of social contact all over the world, on the water or trough Skype and social media. Knows a lot about other cultures and appreciates the little things. Who`s that person finishing the kite session when you just start, having the whole place (and best wind) for herself? Is kiting in even no wind? Is traveling again and again? Is skipping winters or finding the best winters somewhere on the world. A person who is enjoying life, has a great family with a lot of support. Is following dreams and goals, a person who is making a foundation for success out of the struggles she went through and will never give that up. A person who is following her own pad, no matter what other people think. Is not accepting life but fighting for it. Because you always have a choice! A girl who never answers here phone or your message straight away, because she is on the water catching a sunset or sunrise.

Well That’s me  , that’s my way and that’s my life – no matter the conditions! Just catching more sunsets and sunrises  (or.. … do it just for the pictures ) So yes you can say “what a live”, but a live where has been worked for and always will be. Noting comes easy and noting is for free find your way around it and enjoy live!

What’s your way to achieve your goals? What is your mission? What are your goals? What do you want to reach in life? Do you create your own way through live? Where do you go next?


Thanks to Helena for the nice pictures and all the sunsets and sunrises we surfed together in the Philippines, while trying to reach our own goals in kitesurfing.

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