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Never ending travels: my road trough the Philippines 2018

My road through the Philippines, adventure is the best way to learn! Never ending travels…. ….


The Philippines, my road through the Philippines from Pka to Pka, back to the Netherlands to the Phipinnes to the Snow in France. Something like never ending travels and a lot of fitness /Tetris exercises with a boardbag (or two or three or…).
At the moment of writing this (at least starting to write this, probably at the moment you read this, I will be home in Holland again): I am waiting on my flight to Genève Switzerland for some wintersport in France (Val Thorens). The past three months I have been travelling in the Philippines and participating the Philippine kiteboarding tour. Therefore, I will end up with a lot of kites, kite gear, hydrofoil and summer clothes in the snow   Who would have thought that! (*from November until the end of March I have been in the Philippines). 
          Going to the Philippines for kitesurfing is guaranteed one big and never ending (travel) adventure! As a lot of you know, I followed the PKA tour and all four the stops this year (or at least three, the way my “planning” started): A little inspired by last year in in the Philippines. I never ever thought I would like it, travelling like this, alone, in a group, island to island but I already decided before heading home, last year: I should do it again. Because the country is great, the people are nice and you can find good kiting conditions (it will take some effort but it is worth it!).
Last year in dutch, pka, tablas island : read it here. 


The beginning of November 2017 I flew to Manilla, from there to Caticlan , where I had to stay for some days, because of a cancelled flight. I did not really got it, until I saw some people taking a shower on the road. And saw the point even more when I noticed the “airport” on Cuyo: some grass rocks and chickens.. what field? Perfect for the cows in Holland. Check-in story was kind of the same, no wonder I realized some time later, I was already for one hour sitting at the check in desk: a plastic “ garden chair” and table with a written paper: check- in. Walking through the check in line and security a couple of times, fitting more in my boardbag and the calculator will say the truth (everything is possible). Hand luggage is excluded from the calculator (all airlines should do this). Brought by a private bus to the plane, I realized how small it was (note: all the luggage was ending up on the same spot anyway..). However, the waiting was worth it and the flight as well: Check out the video. And see why my boardbag is a big fan of this airline! https://www.youtube.com/embed/hyBfv0PGhf0?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent
A nice flight to a nice Island, although it was my first time going there I wouldn`t regret it. Three weeks on Cuyo until I took a boat, (yes a boat with beds, no seats!) to leave for the first stop of the PKA: read about it here . On Cuyo I learned many of my old tricks again, because end of the season I have not been on the water that much in Holland. They were all a bit disappeared. I even got the change to foil in front of the island. After the competition I went home, back to the Netherlands: why? read it here.  For one week of exams and one week of family: Celebrating Christmas. I also had to decide, going back or stay, I didn`t really decided beforehand. If I liked it, if it went well I… well if you read the blogs, I made my decision.


     New Year’s Eve I stepped in the plane again and suddenly after some hours of travelling in 2018, I stepped out of the plane in Manilla. From there I was perfectly on time for the second stop, I was going to say read the blog, but well that one disappeared somewhere. I still owe you that one… …
About: a rainy chicken night, something with the guards who saved our boardbags to a dry place (while not even staying in that place) and the most adventurous boat ride of our lives (so far) and the longest travel tip (36-hours) of our lives but we made it in one time, without getting stuck somewhere. That’s quit a skill in the Philippines, I think. Being land- sick instead of seasick! Not strange with 50 knots , huge waves and all … well… let’s keep it on moving bags, containers, sliding out of the bed, not able to walk…almost on the point of pumping a kite and leaving the boat conditions 
Nevertheless, we made it all the way and could start kiting straight away!

      The next weeks where about: A lot of kiting, some sea-urchin meetings or some would say sea-urchin city, a bleu feet, some bruises, some scratches, a lot of fun, pancakes, low tide, high tide, a lot of wind, light wind, dinner all together, fiestas, strange food, playing with the kids, playing soccer with the locals! And remembered me how I miss the team sport and the running like a dog behind a ball. (Even though I always bring a soccer ball in my boardbag, just in case, you never know).
Above all, three weeks with a lot of FUN, before heading back to Boracay for the third stop of the PKA.


Since I wasn`t planning to stay long on Boracay and didn’t had a plan after, I decided to leave some gear (like a foil) on Cuyo and just come back for a week and from there to the last stop of the pka. Meaning that I had to do the boat ride some more. But worth it? Yes!
Luckily I did left some gear on Cuyo, travelling “light” just one boardbag to carry around trough boat, van, tricycle, boat and tricycle. We did stay a week on Boracay with not that much (good) wind. Some sessions I pumped my kite four times on one day, to manage to ride at least an hour.. Other days we did some sightseeing and some beach days! And many more adventures: A room without lock adventure, a room nobody could find, even the neighbors…, swimming above some sea urchins and the reef, finding beaches without people and ” enjoying” the Chinese city Boracay. Buying a Frisbee from the cousin from a cousin from a cousin but not for to less because the commission over the commission over the commission.
The competition was about, some waiting days, a lot of rain a lot of different wind directions and strengths, meaning afterwards a day of kite drying in my hotel room… night packing, sorry guys for all the sand and water… With my offer the clean the sand: “ no problem ma’am”. At least I got my flip-flops back from last year, thanks for that! More about the third stop: here! 

DSC00294 (2).JPG

      Time to go back to Cuyo, making it to the boat and meeting the market lady (who was already sleeping for two days at the boat) means a fruit party on the boat. And with 10 knots and flat water, a nice sunset and sunrise, a hammock, some bedtime stories with the kids… it’s not that worse at all!! At that moment, I was still thinking about leaving the Philippines the first of March, but that plan changed, a bit…..
Yes, I also participated the fourth stop. So one more time back to Caticlan, one more time that boat trip and a loooooooong bumpy van ride which my food will also remember. And another long boat trip to another van ride, another small boat.. To the last Island. Cagbalete Island. There we were also not that lucky with the wind.. Nevertheless, we had a really nice time on the island, touring around and doing no wind activities! Never expected that it would be fun after last year…. Read the story behind.

After this stop I really had to leave the Philippines, some night- packing-kite-drying (AGAIN!), knowing that it all would be too heavy at the airport anyway. Knowing that I also changed from airline and had to… squeeze in some hand luggage (20kg.. ) and my hand luggage was still empty…NOT. Luckily, I had some hours to arrange that and the ladies of the airport were really nice helping me out.
“ Ma`am take a seat, no problem we can arrange something” , “kitesurfing …aaah I see your my idol now” .
Might be because I gave all my overweighed food away  . But I made it… with almost 30 kg of hand luggage (7 allowed), some (really cheap) cargo and a boardbag who was not fitting in any range of exes luggage but being nice helps sometimes (and saying you’re travelling alone)…. They even fixed me an emergency seat (including the rest of the row)…. Ma’am you like to sit by the emergency? Yes of course….
And so a new adventure starts…..


Second part of the video:https://www.youtube.com/embed/InDGti69Eb4?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent

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