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10 reasons why you should learn snowkiting (also girls!)

10 reasons why you should learn snowkiting (also for girls!)

  1. Same same but different: you can use the same equipment. Yes, even with your tube kites it will work just fine! Take a snowboard instead of a kiteboard and you will work it out. Don`t worry too much about expensive equipment,  for just some fun rides there is no need for a professional and expensive board! And .. if you crash youre kite.. you wont float away just wait for some more wind and go again. 29664919_1846304098722797_8457355712517168361_o
  2. No more escape in the winter months or even more escapes, depends on the way you look at it…. But if you’re based in Europe and can’t leave that long due to studies, work etc. You can find snowkite spots a few hours away for a weekend or a day! You don’t have to book a long haul flight for 20 hours to the other side of the world.
  3. Endless spots and endless space! Yes, I mean Endless!! The kitespots are usually more crowded and smaller; on the snow is a lot more space, mountains, and endless frozen lakes. As soon as the landscape or the grass is filled with snow you can go (oke maybe not in Holland, but somewhere close) . Find an agreement with the farmer or landowner or find a cool spot in France, Norway, Germany, Norway……………
  4. No need for an expensive lift ticket: Well we are not allowed to kite on the slopes (usually)…. But if you go snowkiting on the spots you don’t need to buy a lift pass or ticket, your kite can bring you everywhere!  (No waiting in lines or pushing in front of the cable car).29352168_1848068368546370_4250047991584543689_o
  5. Freedom, mountains covered in snow everywhere! And you can go everywhere with just a kite and a pair of skis/snowboard. Just fly your kite and go. The possibilities are endless, flat ereas to practice that awesome trick in the powder, racing over the more iced snow on the lakes, climbing a 45 degree hill might be a bit harder but coming off even nicer. For sure you will find youre private spot somewhere!  
  6. Learn how to fly Yes you can fly! The best feeling I might experience everytime again and again. It took some time to discover how it was working but once you get it….. Flying downwind off the hill, letting you lift up by the gusts and …. You have to try it!
  7. Disciplines: in the world of snowkiting are a lot of different disciplines, racing, freestyle, park, sliders and a lot more. Before you know youre on the way to the mountains with 5 tubekites, 4 foil kites, 6 pair of different skies, 2 different snowboards. But also just cruising can be an adventure and really nice!
  8. Frozen water, don’t be scared, snow is just frozen water. Choose the right conditions, some light wind and powder to practice tricks and more ice conditions to race. Wearing a helmet, knee pads and back protector can be helpful when not knowing your limits 29351634_1848056938547513_8326057620381818348_o
  9. Company: one of the most important things in snowkiting is enjoy, enjoy life and the moment with friends. It’s super easy to connect with people and meet some new friends from all over the world on the spots. 
  10. And the best, you need less wind… and in de mountains there is almost every day wind or at least one spot with wind somewhere! No wind than it’s worth driving around…and finding the best spots for the next day or build an iglo while waiting.  

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