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10 I should have known tips when travelling the Philippines

Will it be easy? Nope.

Worth it? Absolutely!


1.You have to travel to get to the best kitespot and the best islands! Small boat, big boat, bigger boat, small plane, big plane, fisherman, waves, storm, more waves,  walking, taxi, jeepney,  tricycles, porter, locals… in addition always expect some delay or cancelations along the road. Nothing good ever comes easy.

2.  Always bring everything, different spots different wind strength. Directions can be on and offshore. Take note off: Beaches, stones, threes, electricity lines, low tide high tide, extra low tide, extra high tide, lot of kiters, no kiters…

3. Locals are always happy to assist. Respect them on and off the water. In addition, the fisherman respect them even more, you might need them for a rescue (at an offshore spot). And if youre “ lucky” they offer you breakfast on the water… fresh sea- urchin.

4. Boat trips are usually waaaaay cheaper than flights, if you travel with kitegear. Tricycles are the best (jeepneys) they can take everything. And if you are really lazy.. for a couple of peso you can hire a porter to carry your gear off and on the boats etc. Don`t expect a European cruise ship.


5. As I said, it might be easy if you are a bit flexible and a good improviser when travelling the Philippines. If you’re not flexible, you will learn along the way. If you’re not creative, the Filipinos will teach you.

6. Internet is usually really cheap in the Philippines; buy a local simcard and some internet data/credits. You can use Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and all your apps without any extra effort. But be prepared, the internet will be slower depending your location. Some islands, you can forget about it or you need to be good enough to find the wifi spot (the location with the best data connection). Also take note of the promised wifi in hotels etc. It’s not Europe.

7. Hot water, is not really common, the well or cold water is! Just like the buckets next to the shower and the toilet. Say what, buckets? Yes. To shower or to flush the toilet. (my biggest learning point in the Philippines). And….. always bring your own toilet paper.

8. Asking the way is also not that easy, Filipino standard is to be friendly and to help even if they do not know the way. Be prepared to help yourself, download maps.me


9. Ants… they are everywhere, latterly everywhere! . The simplest solution is no food… I was supposed to say no open food, but they bite themselves through packages! And on some days there will be a highway of ants in the kitchen or your room.

Another solution is making use of your building skills, a plate with water (so far I know ants don’t swim), a cup in the middle and build your food on the cup.

Another one is the Tupperware, but don’t bring it just buy it… so you can leave it on the airport or make a local Filipino happy with it!  Or simply, use deet, they don’t like it.

In addition, it’s a tip for you kite, ants like to go inside, the bladders and bite their way out…. So close your valves after deflating! And don’t leave your kite on the same spot forever, because its windy every day that will be an easy one.

10. When entering the water, kiting or putting your feet on the bottom be aware of: Sea-urchin and reef. Or more realistic in some places sea urgent- city!

Last but not least:

Never give up and enjoy! If it is about travelling with your entire luggage storage or about the kiting and the wind. It will not always be in your favor.  Bargaining with a taxi or on the airport or … be creative or learn to be creative! It will help you, believe me 


Take a look at part I of my adventures in the philipinnes: link. 

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