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Dutch Championships Big Air 2017

After a long waiting period (let’s say over one year), a lot of no go`s… We got a GO for the Dutch Championship Big Air (NK Big Air) 2017 (7 Oktober). Actually I forgot about it, receiving the email I did remember I subscribed sometime a year ago.

“My plan was… to let it pass in silence” (yeah, right in silence, let it pass…..)

Remembered by some friends, that it will happen on the beach of  Castricum, the place where we live since one year. Our backyard, where we never kited before, our “homespot”.  You should go…

A few seconds before planned to jump into my bed, I got remembered once again: it’s in your backyard, you should go… (Why is it me? Oke its close by and almost our backyard, I understand that part). But since I get influenced easily if its about kiting we send one last minute message to the organization (let them make the decision for me) if there are enough girls? Straight away we got a reply. Yes, see you tomorrow. Oke.. now I should go.

The last two months I haven`t been kiting, not really. Just like riding a bike…. Once you get into it…  A good reason to introduce myself to the water again and for a first session at our “homespot”. Having fun is the most important right? Without any expectations, it turned out to be a nice meeting with a lot of kiters attending to the Big Air event. Meeting a lot of friends again and making new friends.

The organization did a great job. Everything was clear and even a live stream for the supporters at home. The competition area was divided into two fields so two heats could be done at the same time. Perfect, because I was surprised by the amount of kiters attending to the event.  Besides competing in the event watching the other heats was really nice as well, big air is more spectacular for all spectators than the freestyle discipline.

My first heat was not that great, a little overpowered and not really knowing what I was doing. I ended up second, but still good enough to make it to the finals. The final heat I planned a little better. And listen to some advice… “your riding like a… in the first heat”.. fill in the word and you will have your motivation for the final heat (influences of others and kiting). With onshore wind and waves it was not easy I must say. I managed to do the first tricks and after that I crashed one and the wave made it even worse (or nice for the spectators), a nice faceplant. After this, the heat for me was pretty much finished. I was not sure what the others did and what I did, I couldn’t see the flags on the beach and wasn`t able to remember the time left in the heat.  Just hoping it was enough for a podium place and not to be fourth… … Nearly forgetting the nice day with the new friends, old friends, everybody kiting, a lot of action, the first session on our homespot. I actually had a great day! Pictures from Inez as proof  …

…My day ended, kites where packed and  changed my wetsuit for normal clothes. After watching the man final heat, we waited for the price giving. Not even thinking about a podium spot and talking with the lifeguards.. suddenly they started with the girls 4th place, 3rd place… eeuh ….2nd place and 1st … It took some seconds to realize it was my name and that I had to go to the podium…

This good day ended even better with a big surprise:  Dutch Champion Big Air 2017.  Hands up to the organization: 4wind kitesurfschool for a great event! I had a great time on the water with the other girls, who also did a good job! See you all next year 

Photo Credits: Inez Vree / Kitepaparazza
Photo Credits: Inez Vree / Kitepaparazza
Photo Credits: Inez Vree / Kitepaparazza
Photo Credits: Inez Vree / Kitepaparazza
Photo Credits: Inez Vree / Kitepaparazza
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