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Part I of Traveling The Philippines – Moments of thought

Moments of thought

At the moment of starting this story, I am enjoying a no internet 12-hour layover in China on my way to the Netherlands (after three flights and still one of 13hours to go….HELPP). Having a nice conversation with another traveler who came from the Philippines just like me. Sharing stories and thoughts, enough to write a book a about, I realize. Not only about the culture, what to do in the Philippines or tips and tricks travelling but more moments, moments to share and moments of thoughts.

A lot of times where I think: “What would I do?”

Every time I come back to the Philippines it feels like coming home.  The friendly people and the way of doing. Although I have been two and a half month in The Philippines last year and now one month in the Philippines travelling around, I still have moments I watch with my mouth open and just watch…Not because they do something stupid or something wrong, just a moment of thought and realization, impressed how creative the people are and how happy they are with what they have, so simple and easy. Go with the flow and make something out of it, always with a friendly smile. Think a lot of people can learn from this moments.

An example of my travel conversation buddy at the moment: at the most airports in the Philippines are water stations, hot and cold. Next to it there are kind of cups -like the paper party heads we have. Just like the one on this airport. Perfect for filling your bottle you just made empty for passing the security. Or even to make your breakfast with hot water (Noodles in Philippine language). So: One time this cups were finished and guess what? Nobody was complaining except… expect for that one American guy. The People were making own cups by using the old newspaper even for the hot water it worked out. Making their coffee steering with the plastic, enjoying their coffee. Except for … that one who is not used to start with hat you have and use it`s creativity.

What would you do?

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