About The Van

About the van

Meet the Van

Look at him enyoing the sunset in Greece I bet every VAN would love to do this. In the past months this brave bastard took me to competitions & training in Spain, France & Italy. Conquered the snowy French Alp`s just before driving me to the next winter/water training destination in Spain.

But his life hasn`t always been like this you know.

He had  a full body make over saved out of the old storage – somewhere in the old garage. So he would look great and could take me proudly on the road trips, of my life.

By the way I am Mariska. A Dutch kitesurfer, who never converted a van before.

Worked on the conversion for some weeks /days (this looked like this >>>)

Clumsy, impulsive, no building experience and not such a good planner – always making the most out of everything.. imposible is not an option. But hey everything you give time grows… right?  Using a jigsaw for the first time in my life…cut a hole in the roof, day in day out just figuring out wat the next step will be… Turned out great in my opinion.

There are a lot of vans dreaming about this stuff, but in the end it’s only a few of them who actually can say:


I`am talking about travelling through Europe to the amazing kitespots, the slopes, the mountains, skateparks, awesome beaches, incredible views, lonely places or big cities.

To let go of everything and just drive…

MeetVAN he is one of those lucky vans.

Converted into a snowmobile midget home. Many adventures and miles. After a long break, 2020 Back into the Netherlands.  Where it started all over again, growing into a kitemobile midget home:

Van: Volkswagen T5

Born: 2007

Re-born: December 2020

Goal: Always seeking never lost & Shred it till bed. Chasin`the reckless life & dreams while enjoying the ride 😊

Favorite place: Somewhere with a good view at the surf, kite, ski, skate spot.

Favorite ride: The long highway to everywhere – mountains & the sea.  And the ride into the sunset!

Favorite drink: Diesel

Favorite Country: …………….. the unknown.

Powered by the wind & the sun


Name: Dog

Born: December 2020

Favorite place: the frontseat, where else..!? Especially during sunset and our Chasin` The Reckless Frontseatstories.

Favorite ride: the once with the scariest views!

“You see that bag of tools? It’s my constant traveling companion. It literally rides in the passenger seat. It’s not much for conversation but it’s always there for me when I need it.” The Start of #Frontseatstories

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