About The Girl

One day you’ll look back on this journey and think “That was one hell of a ride”.

About the Girl

Yup now a post grad (which still need to finish the post master RA) that is unwilling to settle for a 9-5 desk job. Still want to explorer the world. Compete in the snowkite, kitefoil and kitesurfing competitions all over the world. Meet new people, make new friends and learn through adventures.  So I decided to stay me. Not a skier but a kitesurfer, digital nomad, student and freelancer. 

Though I am not in the position to life in it fulltime: This is my “midget home”  – de bus. Sometimes I surf, kite, ski, snowboard, snowkite, wing, foil, skate and live in my van.

He teaches me every day on the road to release control and cherish he moment. We are not only traveling for ourselves but for those at home who we love to share this adventure with. That is the reason of this little blog here on my website: What’s next..?! With #frontseatstories.

If you’d told me 4 months ago that I would be able to convert my own van into a midget surf home again, I definitely wouldn’t have believed you! I converted it by myself and a little help of the boys in the winter and re- did it this year, with some more experienced and more gear.. Bringing not only winter stuff, also kites and water gear. It felt good to achieve a dream again and although it’s still pretty shabby in places, low tech it’s very much mine and I’m quite proud, considering I have never done anything like that before! Easy to complete, easy to use and easy to fix.

Although I plunged in at the deep end in the middle of the winter,  with no wiring  or any building experiences, and just gave it a spontaneous  go again, I love my midget house. .      With a lot of trying ( finding ways that didn`t work), googling, reading and YouTubing I made the project, the van, the solar panels, the electricity, the wood work, the storage for the gear.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience fear. I was redefining for myself what success meant, and what I came out with is this: success doesn’t have to be conventional. It doesn’t have to be an easily definable job title. It doesn’t have to mean impressing strangers. Success can mean living a life that is unequivocally your own, one that is self-defined. Maybe it’s not grand, maybe it’s not glamorous, but at least it’s yours.

Living in a van is 90% incredible. The other 10% of it is a little more complicated than that. Read the life lessons and the reasons why vanlife makes you happy.

Living in a camper and living tiny has become a massive movement in the last few years. With the help of Instagram and the #vanlife, this lifestyle has become a dream for many. It is a way to escape a tedious office job and see the world. Because living in a camper is all beaches and beautiful sunsets, right? Wrong. I’m here to tell you what it’s really like, as someone who’s actually done it -and still is doing it.

All the place we`ve been, the people we`ve met, the things we `ve done along the way, the challenges we`ve faced, the adventures we`ve found.  “little moments, big memories”. Going through things I never thought I would go through, it took us to places I never thought I would get to. “travel is  not reward for working, its education for living”

I Aim to inspire you to live life to the fullest, tomorrow may never be! Live life to the fullest the greatest adventure and discover all along the way. It is difficult to explain how it really is the kite van life, to bring you guys with me I make photo, stories and little blog posts here on my website. That gives you  a place on my frontseat with me. #frontseatstories

So there you have it. The events that brought me here. If you are still reading this, and I hope you are, I am happy to answer any questions about my previous travels, vanlife, kite & competition adventures. Send me a message! I believe the most important things in this life are the people we meet, the connections we share, and the memories we help to create. I’ll see you on the road, the water or the snow!

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