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For sale & lookig for new shred buddies:

F -One Wing: Swing V2. 2020 = SOLD


Our friend Swing 4.2 has been through a lot as you can see. Is still in a good shape and ready for another battle. He is patched up one time, but can stil handle the high winds and good vibes. Although he became a little shy fr pictures: not leaking or any other problems.

FOne Rocket Air. 2020 (complete) = SOLD

75 liter. incl bag, pump, plate.

The rocket air is ready for some new adventures, ready to travel as it is easy to squeeze into your boarbag once deflated. Destination reached? Pump it up. The board is playfull, it`s perfect for lighter winds too because it floats nicely, its fun in flat water as wel as in the waves, because of its agility. We definitly had some smooth and endless rides together. The board is in super good condition. Available in combintion with the wing and the mast/wing.

F -One Phantom & F- One Mast

1480 Frontwing (Carbon)

C275 Surf RearWing (Carbon)

85 cm Mast (alluminium)

Can have a little scratch, but no big damages. We learned a lot together, surffoil, wingfoil, supfoil, pumping the river… A lot of good memories, now its time to move on to new adventures…

F -One Diablo V5. 2020

11m (kite only)

15m (kite only)

18m (Kite only)

more sizes available soon: 11m/15m/21m

Our best racing friends are looking for a new home. Someone to foil with, to kite with or snowkite. All are in a great condition, not even used for one year. Always stored inside, nice warm and cozy 😉 Will fly on every four lines bar. To confirm or more questions about the kites / other sizes or packadge deals, send us a message through the links below.

F -One Escape hydrofoilset – full carbon (Complete)

F -One Escape 530

F- One Mast 105cm

Board 148 x 43cm

A complet hydrofoil set to start on, do your first jumps, get ito racing or actually whatever you want! The board is perfect to learn the first gybes and tacks, cause its big enough to keep you floating with a decent / survivable amount of speed. The board is small enough to edge properly and get the upwind angles for racing. All in good condition.

For more information, bids, pictures, testrides, send a message or find out more in our add section on the Dutch “marktplaats” 🙂

Chase life & Enjoy the ride!

Mariska Wildenberg

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