Enjoy the Ride and Chase Dreams

From pro-freestyle skiër – trick popper & all season slider to zero to flying kites, a kitesurfer, kitefoiler & snowkiter. Still driven to always conquer something in life, the same dream I once had. From frozen to liquid water, from kicker to wave, pine to palm, from snow flakes to salty sand, from snow blizzard to ocean rebel: Into a Kitefoiling adventure all over the world.

Sharing my passion, while taking you on a journey through my adventures life! Representing possibilities, hopefully to inspire you to chase your dreams! Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are. Impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion.

Chase Dreams & Enjoy The Ride!

Mariska Wildenberg

The Olympic Ride↗

Aming for the Olympics 2024. My road as a professional athlete 2.0.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautifull destinations in life and in the world, watch me! “ What-ever happens, where-ever we will end… It will be one hell of a ride! Maris & foils.. what could possibly go wrong..?

Paris 2024 | Competitions | Training | Kitefoiling

Chase Life & Dreams↗

As an Athlete, Student, Traveller & Entrepreneur: “Representing Posibilities”. If you chase anything in life, chase the things worth living for.

Enjoy the little moments, take the risk or lose the chance……. Maris & herself…. Get to know me and my tour in the world of food, study, stuff, motivation, bad habits …and way more!

Dreams | Recourses | Motivation | Food

Shred it till bed ↗

It makes me excited if I am scared, I have to do it. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

You can only grow if you`re willing to feel akward and uncomfortable when you try something new. There are rules but there is really no wrong way! So what are you waiting for?

Kitesurf | Surf | Wing | Skate | Snowkite | Hydrofoil

Whats Next..? ↗

Whats next..? We all know that girl that always travels… Let`s just go somewhere. Always seeking never lost. On the long highway to everywhere!

“we have nothing to lose and a world to see”

Maris on the road, living the kitevanlife in a self converted van.

Vanlife | Travel | Tips | Tricks | Build

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You have all the tools and recourses yu need.. what you do with them is up to you..

Story Telling Coaching & Clinics↗

Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday – be your own cometition.

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There is no Wi-fi on the water, but we definitly find a great connection. Be part of our ride!

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