Enjoy the Ride and Chase Dreams

From pro-freestyle skiër – trick popper & all season slider to zero to flying kites, a kitesurfer, kitefoiler & snowkiter. Still driven to always conquer something in life, the same dream I once had. From frozen to liquid water, from kicker to wave, pine to palm, from snow flakes to salt & sand: Into a Kitefoiling adventure all over the world.

Sharing my passion, while taking you on a journey through my adventures life! Representing possibilities, hopefully to inspire you to chase your dreams! Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are. Impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion.

Enjoy the ride!

Mariska Wildenberg

The Olympic Ride↗

Aming for the Olympics 2024. My road as a professional athlete 2.0.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautifull destinations in life and in the world, watch me! “

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Chase Life & Dreams↗

As an Athlete, Student, Traveller & Entrepreneur: “Representing Posibilities”. If you chase anything in life, chase the things worth living for.

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Connect ↗

It makes me excited if I am scared, I have to do it. Be part of the ride, the journey called life! And support our road and your own to whatever your up to!

Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday – be your own cometition.”

There is no Wi-fi on the water, but we definitly find a great connection. Be part of our ride!

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Whats Next..? ↗

Whats next..? Shred it till bed! Always seeking never lost. On the long highway to everywhere!

“we have nothing to lose and a world to see”

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