Enjoy the Ride and Chase Dreams

From pro-freestyle skiër – trick popper & all season rail slider to zero to flying wings, crashing kites, a kitesurfer, kitefoiler & snowkiter. Still driven to always conquer something in life, the same dream I once had. From frozen to liquid water, from kicker to wave, pine to palm, from snow flakes to salty sand, from snow blizzard to ocean rebel: Into an Olympic Kitefoiling adventure all over the world.

Sharing my passion, while taking you on a journey through my adventures life! Representing possibilities, hopefully to inspire you to chase your dreams! Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are. Impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion…..

Some exciting stuff ahead, Chase Dreams & Enjoy The Ride!

Mariska Wildenberg

The Olympic Ride↗

Campaigning for the Olympics 2024 as an independent athlete. On a mission to promote the first generation of kitefoilrace girls from the Netherlands. Becoming the best kitefoiler I can be, while staying allround kiteflyer & skater.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautifull destinations in life and in the world, watch me! “

What-ever happens, where-ever we will end – up… It will be one hell of a ride! Maris & foils.. what could possibly go wrong..? Lets have some fun!

Paris 2024 | Competitions | Training | Kitefoiling

Chase Life & Dreams↗

As an Athlete, Student, Traveller & Entrepreneur: “Representing Posibilities”. If you chase anything in life, chase the things worth living for.

Enjoy the little moments, take the risk or lose the chance……. Thats what an old lady told me along the road.

Get to know me and my tour in the world of food, studying masters, stuff, motivation, bad habits, genius do it yourself life hacks, my dreams and little goals … and way more!

Dreams | Recourses | Motivation | Food

Shred it till bed ↗

It makes me excited if I am scared, I have to do it. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

You can only grow if you`re willing to feel akward and uncomfortable when you try something new. There are rules but there is really no wrong way! So what are you waiting for?

Loving the kitefoil racing, but definitely not ditching my freeride & freestyle gear or other extreme sports. Life is too short to do only one thing!

Kitesurf | Surf | Wing | Skate | Snowkite | Hydrofoil

Whats Next..? ↗

Whats next..? We all know that girl that always travels… Let`s just go somewhere. Always seeking never lost. On the long highway to everywhere! #frontseatstories

“We have nothing to lose and a world to see”

Maris on the road, living the kitevanlife in a self converted van. Off the beaten path…. Or dragging my boardbags from airport to airport, from snow till sun, alone or with my family – because there is a whole world ou there!

Vanlife | Travel | Tips | Tricks | Build | Travel

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You have all the tools and recourses you need.. what you do with them is up to you.. Tips as a digital nomad – work – vanlife -travel gear – kite gear and more!

Story Telling Coaching & Clinics↗

Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday – be your own cometition!

Because we all know how hard it is to do something alone.

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There is no Wi-fi on the water, but we definitly find a great connection. Be part of my ride!

Help me keep me flying over the water!

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